Monitoring Java applications

Java applications implement large numbers of business-critical processes day-to-day. Monitoring Java applications for performance ensures that these processes execute reliably, and fulfill user experience and business requirements. Because of the complexity of multi-tier distributed Java applications, highly sophisticated application monitoring solutions are needed to monitor these applications successfully.

Monitoring Java applications by merely capturing and presenting historical performance metrics is inadequate for enterprises that rely on Java applications to transact their business. To bring true value, Java app monitoring solutions must analyze and identify performance issues in real-time before they impact applications. This ensures reliability, availability, and continuity for business processes executed by Java applications. To achieve this, the best Java application monitoring solution you can use is from Dynatrace, the market leader in APM solutions.

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Find root causes of Java performance by monitoring Java applications with Dynatrace

Dynatrace’s application monitoring technology and Java performance testing tools enable performance monitoring and diagnosis across your entire Java application stack through multiple tiers and dependencies. Its patented PurePath Technology® drills down to method-level and database query-level performance metrics to provide insights into root causes of performance issues at the code and query levels.

Dynatrace’s Java memory leak detection tools additionally detect and isolate memory leaks caused by inefficient code or Java configuration settings that cause Java applications to stall or lag. Dynatrace records the performance of each transaction and allows you to visually replay it to see how each problem evolved over time. This leads to better understanding of how your Java applications are running, and how each performance problem evolves.

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Enhance productivity by monitoring Java applications with Dynatrace

To optimize your DevOps development and delivery workflows to focus on application performance, you can integrate Dynatrace with popular continuous delivery and integration systems. This integration allows Java monitor tools to be seamlessly consolidated with your continuous development and delivery automations resulting in consistently higher quality code and better performing applications. Monitoring Java applications for performance through development, testing, and production using Dynatrace enables application stakeholders to build custom dashboards for relevant insights. The productivity of each stakeholder is then increased which consequently enhances the productivity of the overall delivery pipeline.

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Increase ROI by monitoring Java applications with Dynatrace

Dynatrace’s turnkey Java application monitoring technology offers sophisticated Java performance tools for capturing, collating, analyzing, and presenting performance data from your Java applications. Dynatrace’s flexibility in monitoring Java applications and wide support for JVMs, Java servers, frameworks, and environments enable you to maximize ROI from all your Java applications by ensuring that they achieve and execute per your performance requirements.

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