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Java applications running on the J2EE platform are ubiquitous in enterprises. To ensure that such applications are coded, configured, deployed, and running optimally, you can use Java profiling tools to obtain insights into their performance in real-time. Java profiling tools provide granular metrics of Java applications as they run, and you can use them to detect and troubleshoot Java application performance issues.

Many Java profiling tools come as a part of a larger set of Java performance testing tools. Java profiling tools include functionality for monitoring applications written in Java and drill deep into Java code and its execution. They help you to understand your Java program’s dynamic behavior as it runs, and provide the data you need to make improvements to the performance and efficiency of your application.

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Java profiling tools help you detect performance issues with your Java applications

APM monitoring tools that provide functionality for monitoring Java applications typically include Java profiling capability. Java profiling tools allow you to perform dynamic analysis of execution flow and resource usage of your Java applications. It captures data such as CPU time consumed by each Java method and the rate of transaction completion. The data captured by Java profiling tools help you to carry out deep-dive performance analysis of your applications. For example, you can greatly increase the accuracy of deadlock analysis and pinpoint the location of bottlenecks – thereby accelerating root-cause analysis for under-performing applications.

Java profiling tools help detecting issues with Java applications

Use Dynatrace Java profiling tools to maximize the performance of your Java applications

Dynatrace is the leader in APM solutions. Our patented PurePath Technology® empowers you to trace end-to-end transaction performance from user interface actions to application execution to infrastructure processing without leaving any blind spots. Dynatrace Java app monitoring features capture and correlate profiler data that allows you to dive deep into the execution of your Java code. You can locate problematic Java methods quickly and painlessly.

Data captured by Dynatrace Java profiling tools is correlated and presented in Dynatrace’s application monitoring dashboard. From this dashboard, you get a single pane of glass to see all Java profiler data including memory and thread usage by your Java applications as well as Java methods that have CPU or network bottlenecks. Additionally, the dashboard shows you a breakdown of execution times at the method level that enables you to analyze failure rates. The real-time visualization provided by the Dynatrace dashboard highlights any performance hotspots, allowing you to detect performance problems early and resolve them before they impact your users.

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