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Getting optimal performance from your Java applications is a critical priority, but traditional Java monitoring tools don't make it easy. Most Java monitoring technology only samples the data moving through the application, rather than capturing and correlating every transaction. Without an application management solution that provides an end-to-end few of performance and transaction history, it can take you much longer to identify and resolve problems in your Java applications.

To achieve exceptional Java performance, Dynatrace provides a Java monitoring solution that lets you cut your mean time to resolution by up to 90%. Our software monitoring tools capturing correlate all profiler-like facts on every transaction – not just the transactions that experience failure. With technology that lets you replay all the events that transpire before, during and after a problem arises, our Java monitoring solution lets you find and fix problems with remarkable speed.

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Dynatrace Java monitoring tools

Dynatrace is a leading provider of application performance management (APM) technology, serving clients that include many of the world's largest enterprises and fastest-growing startups. With a client base that includes more than three-quarters of the Fortune 500, we help organizations to engineer better applications, launch them with greater confidences, find and fix problems faster, and deliver optimal user experiences.

Our Java monitoring tools are designed with our patented PurePath Technology®. This ultra-light and production-safe technology enables you to capture timing and collect code-level context for every transaction. With PurePath, you get exact, atomic-level detail on every user click, across every tier, all the way to the database of record and back. Our Java monitoring capabilities include more accurate reporting, granular business transaction grouping, enhanced SLA management and the fastest path to root cause on the market.

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Comprehensive Java monitoring capabilities

Dynatrace application management software includes comprehensive Java monitoring tools that let you:

  • Monitor Java transactions across JVMs and all other tiers. Visualize what dependencies exist with other JVMs, where time is spent, and where problems exist. Drill down into method level details to see method arguments, SQL statements, return values, log messages, exceptions and more.
  • Understand whose code needs to be fixed. Sometimes the problem isn't with your Java code. Our Java monitoring tools let you follow and replay any transaction from a click or swipe, through third party web APIs, CDNs, and back-end services, to find the root-cause in minutes – wherever it may be.
  • Analyze memory and threads with ease. Memory Hotspot automatically brings unusual objects to your attention, while Memory Snapshots isolate all details related to a memory problem. Use thread dumps to find deadlocks, idle or busy thread pools, thread leaks, and more.
  • Accelerate teamwork. Share application performance data across dev, test, & ops, from within Eclipse and IntelliJ. Automate performance analysis throughout your delivery pipeline with integration for Jenkins, Bamboo and Jira.

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