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Multi-tier Java applications are deployed widely and execute many critical business transactions daily. To ensure that their availability and performance fulfill business requirements, you can use Java monitor tools to measure and optimize the performance of these applications. By maintaining and improving application performance, these tools allow you to improve customer experience to achieve digital business success.

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Use Dynatrace's Java monitor tools to deliver high performance applications

Dynatrace offers the best turnkey application performance monitoring (APM) solutions in the market. Dynatrace facilitates monitoring applications developed in any major language, including Java and its popular frameworks. Dynatrace Java monitor tools include Java profiling tools that allow you to collect detailed Java runtime performance metrics for analysis. These include JVM metrics as well as CPU and memory consumption. You can use results from these analyses to tune your Java applications and improve performance.

Dynatrace's Java monitor tools incorporate patented technology that traces every transaction end-to-end. Dynatrace PurePath Technology® captures timing and code-level execution context for each transaction through all tiers and any dependencies. You can view response times for each Java method and database call to a SQL or NoSQL database. This level of detail enables you to find any performance hotspot easily.

Dynatrace's APM solutions include Java memory leak tools. These tools help you to detect any memory leaks in your Java applications in real-time by diving deep into your code to highlight the root cause of each leak thereby eliminating arduous manual effort to track down offending code. Utilizing Dynatrace's memory leak detection tools eliminates any memory leak bottlenecks and permits your applications to be as performant as designed.

With Dynatrace's comprehensive suite of Java monitoring and Java performance testing tools you can efficiently test and analyze the performance of your Java applications across any and all tiers, resulting in the elimination of performance blind spots.

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Dynatrace's Java monitor tools help your application teams work faster and smarter

Dynatrace's Java monitor tools increase your application team's productivity. From development to QA to DevOps, Dynatrace's features enable all stakeholders involved in Java application development, testing, deployment, and maintenance to work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively.

Dynatrace's Java monitor tools utilize Dynatrace Smartscape technology to automatically discover and map Java applications and their dependencies, giving every team member the same clear understanding of application architecture and dynamics. You can see how each Java application connects from its web front-end to application container to infrastructure and to the cloud; and trace every live business transaction from click-to-code. Additionally, if your application environment includes VMware virtual machines, you can leverage Dynatrace's VMware monitoring tools in conjunction with Dynatrace's Java monitor tools to correlate Java application performance with underlying VM performance.

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