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Memory leaks in Java applications can readily occur due to numerous causes. Java memory leak tools can be used to troubleshoot these memory leaks. However, many Java monitor tools in the market do not provide enough low-level memory consumption details or allow you to drill deep enough into code to identify classes or fields causing the leaks. These rudimentary Java memory leak tools may be able to highlight large and fast growing memory leaks. However, they do not have the capability to allow you to trace memory leaks down to the problematic object instance itself. Additionally, they may not be able to detect small incremental leaks caused by multiple objects or leaks caused by complex object structures.

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Dynatrace Java memory leak tools generate memory snapshots for troubleshooting

Dynatrace, the market leader in APM solutions, offers comprehensive Java app monitoring that includes memory leak detection capabilities that are the most fine-grained in the market. Dynatrace’s monitoring tools allow you to view runtime heap memory consumption by each object instance. Heap consumption information is provided by Java memory leak tools that generate memory snapshots or dumps. Dynatrace Java memory leak detection tools enable you to obtain two types of memory snapshots:

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Dynatrace Java profiling and Java memory leak tools streamline performance troubleshooting

As the leader in the APM market, Dynatrace offers turnkey tools for monitoring Java applications. These tools enable you to monitor the performance of your Java applications and troubleshoot any performance issues such as memory leaks and execution bottlenecks. Dynatrace’s Java profiling tools and memory leak tools improve your productivity by streamlining performance troubleshooting tasks and enable you to dive deep into Java code to find the root cause of performance problems. Java profiling tools provide execution time information at the method level, and Java memory leak tools drill down to object instances that cause memory leaks. With Dynatrace, you can expeditiously solve any performance problems and optimize your Java applications for maximum performance.

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