VMware monitoring

Monitor and visualize your VMware environments to understand the relationships between components such as ESXi hosts and your vCenter platform as a whole.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Full-stack monitoring for you private- public or hybrid VMware deployments

As an official ecosystem partner, Dynatrace natively supports your hybrid VMware deployments out of the box. Gain a deep understanding of dynamic hybrid-cloud environments spanning your on-premise vSphere based infrastructure and the AWS public cloud.

See your virtualized environments like never before

Finally see the full picture of your dynamic virtualized environments. Now you can connect the dots between the dependencies of the vCenters in your datacenter, the processes that run on them, and your applications—all with a single solution.

Dynatrace automatically detects all your vCenter servers, ESXi hosts, and virtual machines.

The power to optimize and tune

See beyond the virtualization layer and discover how your virtualization configuration is impacting your application services and end user experience. Dynatrace automatically analyzes application problems and pinpoints their root causes in your virtualization and application layers.

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If we didn’t have Dynatrace, our operations team would almost certainly be waking up more often in the night because of errors that could have been prevented.
Christian Heckelmann Senior Systems Engineer at Clario

See the impact of every vMotion event

Virtualized environments are highly dynamic and vMotion events are the norm. Dynatrace not only detects these events, it automatically learns the baseline performance of your application—response times, error rates, and behavior under load—for both your backend services and user experience at the browser level. If a code deployment results in unusually high resource consumption, you’ll be notified instantly.

Never adjust your monitoring configuration again

Deploy new virtual machines anytime you want. Dynatrace is intelligent enough to adjust to your infrastructure changes automatically. You’ll never have to worry about adjusting your dashboards or monitoring configurations again—Dynatrace handles it all for you.

Your first 15 days of VMware monitoring are on us

You’ll be up and running in under 5 minutes: Sign up, deploy our agent and get unmatched insights out-of-the-box.
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