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Gain full visibility into your hybrid mobile app

Building hybrid apps consisting of a HTML5 web app within a thin native container is a simple and cost effective way to code and release your application on multiple platforms. Apache Cordova offers a hybrid mobile development model where you can do exactly that. However, it’s extremely difficult to get the visibility you need into how your hybrid app is actually performing.

Dynatrace offers support for hybrid mobile apps built in Apache Cordova, providing the same holistic understanding of the user experience and performance.

Demo app built in Apache Cordova

Monitor your Cordova app’s performance

When it comes to mobile user experience, performance is key. You need to understand the level of performance that your customers perceive—whether they’re using an Android device or the latest iPhone. Dynatrace shows you:

Poor HTTP performance can be an indication of an inefficient communication strategy. It can be a challenge to find the right balance between too many HTTP requests and payloads that are too large—both lead to poor user experience. High HTTP error rates are often the result of backend infrastructure issues. Dynatrace helps you identify such bottlenecks.

Dashboard overview of Android performance issues

Improve mobile user experience

Dynatrace helps you with integrated monitoring of both your mobile apps and your backend services. Find the root cause of a problem within minutes and proactively avoid negative reviews of your app!

Get to know your user base: Have a high percentage of returning users?

Dynatrace mobile app analytics monitor and track:

Dashboard overview of Android app usage

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Practical Tips for Fast Mobile Web Performance

Are you employing responsive design to create a mobile-friendly web experience? Beware that mobile-friendly doesn’t always mean user-friendly. So, how do you avoid disaster?

Join Dynatrace web performance experts Klaus Enzenhofer and Stefan Baumgartner to learn the basics of high-performance mobile development through the examination of real-world, performance-killing code examples. Topics covered include:

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3 tips to deliver fast mobile performance

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See the full picture, including your backend services

Both native and hybrid mobile apps rely on backend service infrastructure of ever increasing complexity. Dynatrace automatically discovers your entire application stack with Smartscape technology. Findings are visualized in an interactive map that you can click through to access performance statistics for individual components.

With smartscape, you see all the interdependencies within your environment—from your apps all the way down to the underlying services, processes, hosts, and datacenters. By correlating events across all monitoring perspectives, Dynatrace is able to pinpoint the root cause of each detected problem in your application-delivery chain.

Smartscape view

The social station

“Dynatrace is painless to setup; within hours Dynatrace already discovered potential problems that could impact our customers. More importantly, Dynatrace shows us the exact source of our issues, saving us countless hours of devops time.”

Understand how and why Cordova app crashes occur

With the ever-expanding number of potential device-type, language-resource, and device-resolution combinations, it’s impossible to test your app under all scenarios. Crashes are practically unavoidable.

Dynatrace crash occurrence statistics show you the platforms and other criteria under which your app crashes most frequently. Crash occurrence statistics are often a great early indicator of the root causes of issues.

Mobile crash reports enable you to filter crash results based on app version. Crash reports even provide downloadable stack traces that pinpoint the causes of crashes. Percentages of happy, crash-free unique users are also listed. Dynatrace provides insights for:

Dashboard overview of Android app crashes

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What is Apache Cordova?

Apache Cordova is a popular mobile application development framework originally created by Nitobi.