Hyper-V monitoring

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Hyper-V monitoring screenshot
Hyper-V monitoring screenshot

See your Hyper-V environments like never before

See an interactive map of your dynamic Hyper-V environments. Connect the dots between the dependencies in your datacenter, the processes that run on them, and your applications; all with a single solution.

Dynatrace Smartscape displays your whole datacenter

Optimize and tune storage I/O performance

Storage I/O contention, latency and failures are the most common root causes of performance issues in a Hyper-V environment. Proactively avoid problems by measuring all critical storage metrics such as read/write, IOPs, and throughput.

Automatically analyze Hyper-V performance problems

See beyond the virtualization layer and discover how your virtualization configuration is impacting your application services and end user experience. Dynatrace automatically analyzes performance problems and pinpoints their root causes in your virtualization and application layers.

Hyper-V performance problem evolution

Monitoring configuration is done completely automatically

Deploy new virtual machines anytime you want. Dynatrace will adjust to your infrastructure changes automatically. You’ll never have to worry about adjusting your dashboards or monitoring configurations again—Dynatrace handles it all for you.

vCenter dashboard

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