Azure App Services monitoring

AI-powered full stack application monitoring for Azure PaaS environments

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Azure App Services monitoring screenshot
Azure App Services monitoring screenshot

Dynatrace keeps up when your services scale dynamically

Azure App Services are all about scalability. The Dynatrace OneAgent is designed to automatically pick up any new instances. This saves you from tedious configuration work and ensures that all your instances are monitored at any time. Regardless how ephemeral they are.

Automatically discover cloud dynamics

Native Azure integration makes installation a breeze

We made the OneAgent available as a Site Extension, which allows you to monitor your web app by just adding the Extension. No modification of your build pipeline, no manual configuration required. Just install the Extension, restart your web app and you’re done.

Automatically discover cloud dynamics

Full-Stack visibility for PaaS

The Dynatrace OneAgent not only picks up your application metrics, its seamless integration with Azure also provides insight into host metrics. This allows you to see whether your PaaS service plans are the right size.

Automatically discover cloud dynamics

We support all available technologies

Azure App Services work great with .net, Java, Node.js, PHP and Python.

We at Dynatrace share Azure’s passion for different technologies – the right tool for the right job. Therefore, the Dynatrace OneAgent works with all App Service technologies, providing insight into all the vital web metrics.

Dynatrace offers the APM industry's lowest total cost of ownership

Unmatched ease of use

Unmatched ease of use

Get started in under 5 minutes. Deploy only OneAgent, no code changes required. Intuitive dashboards instantly provide full insights.

Root-cause analysis powered by AI

Powered by AI

Find out in seconds, where and why applications break. Dynatrace artificial intelligence autonomously discovers your ecosystem, detects anomalies and identifies root causes.

Scaling with your application

Scaling with your business

Dynatrace scales up to 100,000+ hosts and provides open APIs for seamless integration. It can be deployed as pure SaaS, as managed solution or on-premises.

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