AWS CodePipeline monitoring

Scaling continuous innovation with Dynatrace on AWS: shift-left quality, reduce lead time, and increase flow.

What is AWS CodePipeline?

AWS CodePipeline is a continuous integration and continuous delivery service for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates. CodePipeline builds, tests, and deploys your code every time there is a code change, based on the release process models you define.

Dynatrace integrates with your AWS CodePipeline tool set. One monitoring solution for every phase which will lead to better lead times and better quality.

  • Ensure constant fast lead times

    Eliminate slow pipeline phases resulting from performance testing, integration testing or manual approvals.

  • Push better code right from the star

    Monitor every test execution and identify architectural, scalability and performance regressions as compared to previous builds.

  • Reduce load testing

    Automatically compare load tests from different builds to speed up problem isolation and resolution.

Monitor deployments and end users

Automatically deploy Dynatrace with your application and close the feedback loop to your engineering team by providing performance and end user insights.

Check out this short video about AWS CodePipeline and how to scale it with Dynatrace.

Ensure constant fast lead times by integrating Dynatrace with AWS CodePipeline

Dynatrace integrates with the most common stages in an AWS CodePipeline from Source Commit through Load testing all the way to Production Deployment.

Whether you push code through a single pipeline or build multiple pipelines with multiple teams working on separate features, Dynatrace ensures constant fast lead times: it eliminates slow pipeline phases resulting from performance testing, integration testing or manual approvals.

Push better code right from the start

A standard AWS CodePipeline does not prevent your teams from pushing bad code through the pipeline more frequently.

Dynatrace automatically analyzes the test execution before committing code changes to AWS CodeCommit or Git. It also automatically detects problems based on architectural, scalability and performance patterns – even without running large scale performance or load tests.

Also, Dynatrace automatically baselines key quality metrics for your existing Unit-, Integration- or Functional Tests.

Reduce load testing: Automate analysis and regression detection

Dynatrace also compares load tests across builds and identifies regressions. This speeds up problem isolation and resolution.

We integrate with every Load Testing tool through our Load Testing Integration Interface, whether it is Apica, Neotys, SilkPerformer, Load Runner, JMeter or others.

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