Android troubleshooting

Ensure high-performance Android applications by troubleshooting performance problems and detecting their root causes

Android troubleshooting redefined

  • See an interactive map for access to performance statistics on individual components
  • Monitor the stability and performance of your Android mobile apps in real-time
  • See Top HTTP requests, Number of HTTP requests, Error rate and Request time
  • View all interdependencies within your environment from apps all the way down to underlying hosts and datacenters
  • Pinpoint root cause of each detected problem in the application-delivery chain

Best practices for utilizing Dynatrace on your mobile apps

The number of users accessing the internet and apps using mobile phones has increased by 62% YoY. With the increased usage of mobile apps, the need for mobile monitoring and analytics has increased significantly.

In this Performance Clinic, we would like to share best practices on rolling out Dynatrace in your mobile apps. This includes the process of auto instrumenting your app and fine-tuning it with manual instrumentation. You will also learn how to analyze the mobile rum data including user behavior and crash analytics.

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