Android troubleshooting

Ensure high-performance Android applications by troubleshooting performance problems and detecting their root causes

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Android troubleshooting screenshot
Android troubleshooting screenshot

Android troubleshooting redefined

  • See an interactive map for access to performance statistics on individual components
  • Monitor the stability and performance of your Android mobile apps in real-time
  • See Top HTTP requests, Number of HTTP requests, Error rate and Request time
  • View all interdependencies within your environment from apps all the way down to underlying hosts and datacenters
  • Pinpoint root cause of each detected problem in the application-delivery chain

Dashboard overview of crashes

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Practical Tips for Fast Mobile Web Performance

Are you employing responsive design to create a mobile-friendly web experience? Beware that mobile-friendly doesn't always mean user-friendly. So, how do you avoid disaster?

Join Dynatrace web performance experts Klaus Enzenhofer and Stefan Baumgartner to learn the basics of high-performance mobile development through the examination of real-world, performance-killing code examples. Topics covered include:

  • How to identify major issues within mobile page construction
  • Best practices for managing CSS and JavaScript
  • Things to consider when going global with your web application

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3 tips to deliver fast mobile performance

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