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Internet of Things screenshot
Internet of Things screenshot

Massive complexity and scale

IoT ecosystems are complex, with many moving parts and huge amounts of data. Traditional or homegrown monitoring approaches cannot scale or provide insights in these environments. Here’s why:



of CIOs predict that IoT complexity will become a major performance management burden.

Severe impacts.


of CIOs think that IoT performance problems will directly impact business operations and significantly damage revenues.

User experience.


of CIOs fear losing control over the user experience as the IoT delivery chain continues to become more convoluted.

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Intelligent IoT monitoring from the edge to the core

Tame the complexity of IoT.

Gain full stack observability and control with end-to-end monitoring, including edge devices and hybrid IoT cloud solutions.

Use AI for reliable IoT performance.

Leverage AI-driven big data analytics for automated fault detection, root cause analysis and auto-remediation.

Deliver unrivalled user experience.

Ensure perfect experiences by seeing every customer journey as they interact with novel interfaces like smart speakers, mobile devices and wearables.

Dynatrace is built for multi-cloud and dynamic microservices. Our software intelligence extends to every single one of your cloud platforms and their IoT services.

Observability from the edge to the core.

A single view across your entire IoT multi-cloud ecosystem. From the performance of your IoT platform, the edge devices and the experience of all users, Dynatrace sees it all.

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service flow

AI-powered answers and reliability.

Leverage AI-driven big data analytics for automated fault detection, root cause analysis and auto-remediation.

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root cause analysis

From mobile devices to smart speakers.

Gain full observability into all activity across novel IoT interfaces; analyze user data in real-time to assess satisfaction, detect struggles and proactively predict and influence next steps in their IoT experience.

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Real User Monitoring

The Dynatrace solution has great capabilities that we are using in an enterprise grade monitoring tool to support the IoT landscape.”
Jörg Tischler, VP Customer Solutions Connected Mobility at T-Systems

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