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As a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring since 2010, Dynatrace is ahead of the curve when it comes to monitoring in dev, test and production environments.

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Learn how Dynatrace and Swish Data are enabling a U.S. healthcare agency to proactively find and triage performance issues.

Learn how Dynatrace and Swish Data are enabling a U.S. healthcare agency to proactively find and triage performance issues.

Swish manages web performance monitoring for a Health Care agency in the US Civilian government. The client now proactively finds and triages performance issues. The solution uses a mixture of public and private synthetic transaction agents testing over both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Download to learn more.

Dynatrace now available on Azure Government Marketplace

Dynatrace now available on Azure Government Marketplace

We’re excited to announce that Dynatrace is now available on the Azure Government Marketplace. Read Katalin Varga's blog for all the details.

Scaling DevOps

DevOps to Deliver Better Software Faster for Government agencies

More and more agencies are moving to Cloud technologies to take advantage of automation, scalability, speed, and faster delivery of reliable apps. Learn how Dynatrace helps agencies accelerate DevOps in three key areas. Download the report here

Cloud adoption in government

In the seven years since the "Cloud First" mandate was issued, have government agencies made significant process in adopting cloud computing? While opinions vary, AWS GovCloud has grown 221% YoY since launching in 2011 and agencies that have moved to the cloud have experienced significant savings. The USDA, with over 100,000 employees moved their email to a public cloud and set up an internal private cloud, saving $75 million over 3 years.


Cloud monitoring taken to the next level

Whether your agency is moving an application or an entire datacenter to public, private or hybrid cloud, Dynatrace has you covered. Dynatrace provides a complete picture of your entire cloud infrastructure. All your nodes, transactions and users on one pane of glass.

Dynatrace runs on all major cloud platforms

Improved service delivery

GSA's 18F is an organization whose mandate is to improve public-facing services like websites and applications. From January through March 2017, government websites were visited 2.55 billion times. What kind of performance and user experience did those visitors encounter? In a recent study of government agencies, 69% agree that improving citizen experience, engagement and transparency are key objectives of their agency's digital strategy.

User Experience

Unmatched monitoring visibility

End-to-end visibility gives agencies the ability to monitor the entire path of the user. Dynatrace is the only vendor to capture the full visibility of customer experience across every digital transaction. No sampling of data, Dynatrace gives you a complete picture, from the frontend to the backend. With full visibility, agencies can focus on the mission critical aspects of driving application performance.

  • Gapless insight - map the whole user journey, not just bits and pieces
  • Awareness into performance issues and potential business impact on service delivery
  • Resolve problems proactively with real-time data
  • Complete insight into your websites and native/hybrid mobile apps
  • Collaborate with IT around common language based on digital experience
Improve customer experience with actionable insights from segmentation and user-behavior analytics.

Dynatrace application performance management for US Government

Get the big picture on Dynatrace application performance management for end-to-end visibility to ensure health, performance and availability of all your business systems.

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Watch this demo on application performance monitoring for US government.

Make Devops reality

Makes DevOps a Reality at Your Agency

Hear what DevOps expert Andi Grabner says about DevOps in Government Download the report here

Have Government Agencies Reached a Tipping Point?

This paper discusses why IT Operations must redefine its approach to monitoring. Learn how your government agency can address the need for increased visibility, velocity and scalability as you make your way through digital transformation. Download white paper here.

Forrester report: Taking Application Performance to the Next Level

Looking for the next evolutionary step in your Application Performance Management and Customer Experience efforts? Forrester takes an industry first look at the defining characteristics of Digital Performance Management in this report brief. Download free report here.

Government agencies using Dynatrace

  • NOAA
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Reserve
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • State Department
  • National Library of Medicine
  • Social Security Administration
  • US Air Force
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Library of Congress
  • US Geological Survey
  • FDIC
  • NASA
  • Army & Air Force Exchange Service
  • General Services Administration

Digital transformation challenges

Movement to the cloud is predicated by digital transformation for simpler, cleaner and faster transactions. Although virtually every government agency is moving in this direction, 86% find culture to be a challenging area to manage. DevOps practices and platforms are being widely implemented to automate processes, create collaboration, measure results and share best practices.

For more details on Federal DevOps, click here.

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Brett Hofer, Global DevOps Practice Manager & Senior Solutions Architect, walks you through the 3 pillars for successful DevOps monitoring for the private sector.

Dynatrace is the only vendor that can extract data from the backend for real-time intelligence

Legacy systems can present a significant challenge to digital transformation. The attempt to collapse these complex systems into a simplified application is putting pressure on agencies to deploy a modern application performance management approach. Dynatrace application performance management provides end-to-end visibility across all applications health to ensure health, performance and availability of all agency systems.

  • Full stack monitoring from the front end to the back end
  • Support multiple generations of application technology that co-exits and works together
  • Complete visibility across all tiers
Analyze application performance throughout your application’s full stack—down to each individual transaction—across all layers and technologies.

Dynatrace offers the broadest range of technology support in the APM industry

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Doing business with Dynatrace

Dynatrace provides government agencies with a streamlined acquisition procurement process. Our GSA schedule can be accessed here.

Dynatrace also partners with a number of government resellers.

  • AssuranceData
  • eTranservices
  • SwishData
  • NuStrat

For more information on our government integrators, please visit our partners page.

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