DevOps for Release/DevOps Managers

Build times are getting out of control due to long running tests

The more automated tests that your engineers put into your CI, the longer the build time. This is contrary to your goal of reducing lead time.

Dynatrace integrates into your CI and can help you become smarter with your test execution. It shows you tests that are duplicated, run too long, and/or are not stable.


Even if builds complete, the quality status is unknown

You achieved 80% code coverage, yet you still have a high number of production outages. It’s very uncomfortable deploying apps into production with that uncertainty.

Dynagtrace integrates into your build pipeline and automatically analyzes known performance, scalability, and architectural problem patterns on code covered by your manual or automated functional, integration, or unit tests. Dynatrace gives you a new level of quality visibility and stops your pipeline when identifying any type of quality regression.


It’s very hard to automate all the steps along the delivery pipeline

Everything you do has automation as a key requirement. Everything you can’t automate is slow and error prone.

Dynatrace was built with automation in mind. It provides REST interfaces to fully integrate in your automated deployment pipeline. Whether it is automated test analysis or automated deployment of the Dynatrace agents into your application using Chef, Puppet, Ansible, etc., we’ve got you covered.


Want to confidently deliver releases to production

In the continuous delivery world we live, in it’s no longer enough to react faster on failed deployments. Your goal is to deploy better quality software.

Dynatrace, when used along the delivery pipeline, acts as quality gates to stop bad application deployments. It eliminates 80% of issues causing application outages before reaching production. The built in metrics based feedback loops back to both engineering and the business, allowing these groups to react automatically on any issues identified when running in production. You will no longer be the only first line of defense.


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