DevOps for Functional Testers

Most of the bugs you find are never fixed

Are 9 out of 10 bugs you find every sprint are marked with “fix in future release?” Do you keep finding the same problems and wonder why they’re still there?

Instead of overwhelming engineering with lots of bug descriptions, it’s time to level up. Dynatrace allows you to look beyond the user interface you’re testing and get more technical details of actual code defects. Dynatrace presents this information in a way that you can also provide problem resolutions. With this, you can speed up the fixing process for engineers, allowing more bugs to be fixed, and eliminating the frustration on both the Developer side and the Tester side.


Developers tell you they can’t reproduce your problem

Are you testing on a large variety of different devices, browsers, and operating systems? Are developers throwing back the bugs you find with “cannot reproduce?”

This results in additional effort for both you and your developers. Dynatrace captures the technical details of the code defects you find when testing on your special test hardware. Share the captured PurePath with the developers to eliminate the issue of being unable to reproduce these bugs. All evidence will be stored down to the method level within the PurePath.


Might be outsourced or automated away

Are you still doing mainly manual testing? Do you feel your labor might be replaced by a robot for a cheaper rate?

In our agile world, it’s time to level up! Dynatrace allows you to not only find functional problems, but also architectural, scalability, and performance issues while you’re functionally testing your apps. This raises the quality level of your work and allows your whole team to create better quality software from the start. Dynatrace also integrates into automation tools in the event that you are already automating tests.


Want to better contribute to the overall quality output of the team

An agile team is measured by the number of story points completed. The contribution of a tester is to make sure that the features implemented by developers are rock solid from a quality perspective.

Dynatrace allows you to pair up with your engineers to perform deep-dive quality checks while implementing new features. Instead of spending time trying to fix bugs, you will be able to contribute to better code from the start. This levels-up both you (as a tester) and the developers, resulting in more quality software, delivered faster.


DevOps for your job role

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