DevOps for Business Managers

Don’t know if people are impacted by bad quality

Your developers and/or 3rd party providers of software didn’t put in End User Monitoring. You’re not technical enough to put it in yourself, so flying blind on user experience.

Dynatrace automatically enables end user monitoring without making any code change. It is a simple install on your web server. From that point on Dynatrace tells you all about your end users (geo, browser, OS, etc.), their user behavior (how they click through features, where they drop out, etc.), as well as their overall user experience. No need to wait for angry calls.


Spend a lot of time with complaining users

Many users call into support centers, write angry emails, or complain on social media. It’s hard to understand whether it’s a real issue or individual corner cases.

Dynatrace allows you to look up every single user and analyze what the real problem is. It could be a bad network connection, a miss configured CDN, an unsupported browser, or a problem with your most recent deployment that can be traced back to the line of code changed and the developer who implemented it.


Don’t know the actual cost per end user

You run most of your apps in the cloud and pay these providers a lot of money. It’s hard to say what an individual feature really costs and what the ROI is.

Dynatrace tells you the operational costs per individual end user or individual feature. This makes it easier to make business decisions on which features to keep running, which features to take out, what markets to attack, and what to retreat from.


Want to build the right features for the right users

You come up with a lot of ideas, but don’t know if they are actually useful for your users.

Dynatrace tells us which types of users (geo, user type, etc.) use which types of features, as well as which features are not used as expected. This insight makes it easier to make strategic decisions on future product development.


DevOps for your job role

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