DevOps for Back-End Developers

Responsible for code that isn’t yours

Do you rely on 3rd party frameworks like Hibernate or Spring? Have you inherited code from engineers that are no longer with the company? Do you feel comfortable with that?

Dynatrace gives you insight into not only your own code, but also any 3rd party code that runs in your application container. It automatically detects bad runtime behavior (control flow through exceptions, excessive memory allocation, inefficient coding, etc...) for all of the code you are responsible for.


Spending more time on bug fixing than story points

Do you spend more time reproducing bugs from your testers than creating new features? Is this frustrating and slowing down your velocity?

Get your testers to use Dynatrace and let them send you PurePaths that show the problem they’ve identified. This eliminates any reproduction effort, as method-level details have been captured on the test machine. This reduces bug fixing time and results in a healthier relationship with your testers.


Bored with “maintenance” work

Do you find yourself stuck spending a lot of time finding work-arounds for problems in “old” code that nobody feels responsible for but you got stuck with?

Dynatrace allows you to more efficiently fix old code by providing full insight as to where the problem really lies. This reduces maintenance work, meaning you have more time for more creative activities such as creating new features.


Want to build better quality software

Does your code break the build more often than you would like? Would you like to write better code from the start to contribute more story points for your team output?

Dynatrace highlights quality issues in the code you’re developing before checking it in. This provides insights and expert opinions on your current codebase, allowing you to fix these problems before they break the build in your continuous integration. This levels you up as an engineer, as you will build in quality from the start.


DevOps for your job role

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