Dynatrace vs. Cisco AppDynamics

Dynatrace delivers fully automated monitoring at web-scale. Powered by artificial intelligence, Dynatrace makes it easy to get full stack coverage of your dynamic, cloud and microservice-based applications.

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See why they chose Dynatrace over AppDynamics

Raymond James

“AppDynamics simply samples the traffic, whereas I can trust the key performance indicators we put up with Dynatrace because I know they’re representative of all the transactions.”

Jeff Palmiero, APM Manager at Raymond James

McGraw Hill Education

“I’ve used the competition... it can’t do what Dynatrace can do.”

Shane Shelton, Senior Director of App Performance, McGraw Hill Education


“Dynatrace helped us not just use fewer resources for getting to the cloud, but also the time that our engineers spend on troubleshooting issues now concentrated on innovating in their actual role has been a huge productivity boost.”

Nestor Zapata, Lead Web Systems Administrator, Citrix

Why choose Dynatrace over AppDynamics?

Purpose-built for the modern cloud

Auto-everything makes it easy

With Dynatrace, everything is automated. Instrumentation, discovery, baselining, problem identification, business impact and root cause all happen out-of-the-box with no configuration. Get up and running in minutes.

Dynatrace Smartscape working out-of-the-box

AI powered answers, not just alerts

Dynatrace is powered by artificial intelligence. That means we analyze millions or even billions of dependencies to automatically identify problems, their business impact and the root cause. AppDynamics provides dashboards and metrics and leaves the burden on you to find and resolve issues.

Dynatrace offers business impact analysis

Docker and microservice magic

Dynatrace is the only monitoring solution engineered to automatically detect all containers and microservices, as they spin up, without modifying images or manual configuration. AppDynamics requires you to install multiple agents, and to modify your container images.

Docker and microservices

Everything in one solution

Dynatrace provides full stack, enterprise monitoring in a single solution. From the end user experience, application code, and cloud infrastructure, including network and log analytics. With AppDynamics, you need to add tools from other vendors to get the complete picture, and even then you’re left to manually correlate data.

Docker and microservices

What's new?

[For containers and microservices, gen 2 monitoring won’t cut it.

For containers and microservices, gen 2 monitoring won’t cut it.

The shift to containers and microservice architectures requires a new approach to monitoring. Traditional approaches will no longer cut it.

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[Top 5 reasons you can't compare AppDynamics to Dynatrace

Top 5 reasons you can't compare AppDynamics to Dynatrace

Thanks to our relentless innovation, we are no longer in the same category as other APM providers such as AppDynamics.

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[Going head to head: Dynatrace vs. AppDynamics

Going head to head: Dynatrace vs. AppDynamics

The application performance management market is one of the hottest tech industries today. Why? Because perfect digital experiences can make or break an enterprise.

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Dynatrace vs. AppDynamics: The difference is clear

Dynatrace AppDynamics
Ease of deployment and updates
Dynatrace: OneAgent, fully automated discovery, baselining & dependency mapping.
AppD: Requires multiple agents and manual deployment & updates.
Dynatrace: Horizontally scaling cluster architecture scales to +100k hosts.
AppD: Limits typically at 5K hosts, no end-to-end visibility across large hybrid cloud environments.
Transaction visibility
Dynatrace: Every transaction, end-to-end, for effective troubleshooting, optimization, and AI.
AppD: Limited due to sampling/snapshot approach.
Problem identification and resolution
Dynatrace: Artificial intelligence identifies problems, business impact and root cause.
AppD: Alerts and dashboards only – leaves troubleshooting to you.
Dynatrace: Robust APIs and integration w. all enterprise apps.
AppD: Limited integration capabilities.
Total cost of ownership
Dynatrace: 1/10th TCO - 100x faster to deploy + 1/10th the people needed + 1/10th server capacity needed + 20x faster MTTR

Application/technology coverage

Dynatrace AppDynamics
Digital Experience
Dynatrace: Best-in-class real user and synthetic transaction monitoring.
AppD: Monitors real users, but not end-to-end at scale. Limited synthetic capabilities.
Application Performance
Dynatrace: Supports most common languages and database tiers with single agent.
AppD: Supports most common languages and database tiers with multiple agents.
Dynatrace: Full stack monitoring including log files and network.
AppD: Limited infrastructure capabilities.
Cloud IaaS support
Dynatrace: Full integration w. AWS and Azure, buy from marketplace.
AppD: Limited integration, sold by AppD only.
Cloud native support
Dynatrace: Sees inside containers to monitor the software and services running within.
AppD: Visibility into container health only, missing what’s most important.
Apps of record (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Citrix)
Dynatrace: Support for enterprise apps including Oracle EBS, SAP, and Microsoft Exchange.
AppD: No visibility into key apps of record

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Dynatrace seamlessly integrates with your cloud and container environments

Recognized by industry analysts

[Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Suites

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Suites

Innovation is everything. That's why for the 7th consecutive year, Dynatrace is listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM.

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[Dynatrace is APM leader in The Forrester Wave

Dynatrace is APM leader in The Forrester Wave™

Forrester ranks Dynatrace a leader among the 14 APM providers that matter most.

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[Strong growth and the largest market share puts Dynatrace at #1

Strong growth and the largest market share puts Dynatrace at #1

Continuing to lead the APM industry, we're outpacing our nearest competitors by a significant revenue margin and investing more in R&D than anyone.

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Why Dynatrace?

AI-powered analytics

AI-powered analytics

Full stack discovery

Full stack discovery

Fully automated

Fully automated


Self-healing at scale

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