Dynatrace goes head-to-head with Cisco AppDynamics and New Relic

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Dynatrace vs. Cisco AppDynamics vs. New Relic

What makes for a great APM (application performance management) solution?
Is it an ability to scale with hybrid cloud environments without missing a beat?
Or is it built-in AI?

At first glance it can be difficult to distinguish one APM vendor from another, but as soon as you scratch the surface, you quickly see there is only one leader.

If you want to take the fast lane, get hands on in under 5 minutes with the Dynatrace free trial. Let us show you how we stack up.

Enterprise unified monitoring

Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic
Full-stack monitoring in a single solution

Users, applications, cloud and infrastructure including process, network metrics, and log monitoring

User experience analytics

Individual session visibility, web and mobile applications, all digital touchpoints

100% technology coverage

Cloud-native, enterprise technologies, and packaged apps

Built for DevOps & continuous delivery processes

Dynatrace seamlessly integrates with your DevOps tools

AI-powered analytics & embedded expertise

Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic
Self-learning AI

Machine learning continuously and automatically understands "normal" behavior for your specific system

Real-time discovery and visualisation of topologies enterprise-wide

Automatic topology discovery of entire stack—every component, every dependency, every technology

Orchestration layer integration and automated problem remediation

Open APIs and out-of-the-box integration with orchestration layer tools

AI-powered VoiceOps and ChatOps

Interact with Davis via Alexa or chat via Slack

Built for cloud-native environments

Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic
Full AWS and Azure integration into AI causation engine

Automatically locates problem inflicting components and identifies root causes while eliminating alert spam

Native PaaS support for Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, and more

Native support for Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) components

Full stack monitoring of Docker containers and containerized applications

Auto-discovers and monitors containers without touching images

AI-powered monitoring of IoT and Serverless functions

AI automates analysis—proactively identifying anomalies and pinpointing underlying root causes

Fully automated web-scale monitoring

Dynatrace Cisco AppDynamics New Relic
Single agent deployment

One single agent per host monitors everything—out of the box

SaaS and On-premises

Hybrid deployment packages, and architectural high availability

Scalability to 100,000+ hosts

Dynatrace is built from the ground up to monitor hyperscale environments

Elastic pricing models

Consumption based, annual plans, and/or perpetual licenses

Raymond James chooses Dynatrace over AppDynamics

"Before buying Dynatrace we had very little visibility into our applications. The factor that makes it difficult is the complexity of the heterogeneous environment. You also have external influences. You need a system to be able to actually see the whole ecosystem and see where the performance problems are. Customer experience is key. The minute the user satisfaction goes down it's a call to action. We jump on problems before the first call comes in."

Jeff Palmiero, APM Manager at Raymond James

Monitoring redefined - Every user, every app, everywhere

Get deep insights into the health of your cloud resources


A single Dynatrace OneAgent per host gathers all performance data. Smartscape creates a unified causation model as core of the AI-powered analytics engine.

  • Dynamic blueprint of your ecosystem
  • Auto discovery of application topology, deployments and environment changes
  • AI understands dependencies and causation throughout your entire stack
  • Auto baselining and AI-powered anomaly detection make configurations obsolete
  • Performance issues are automatically traced back to the underlying root causes
  • Multidimensional pattern recognition enables auto remediation of recurring issues

Full stack monitoring

Full stack

Dynatrace uses AI capabilities to simply monitor performance and interpret information of all ecosystem components and their impact on customer experience.

  • Business metrics
  • Real user experience
  • Synthetic monitoring
  • Mobile apps
  • Applications and Databases
  • Containers
  • Processes, logs and network
  • VMs and servers
  • Cloud and infrastructure

Monitor containerized infrastructure in a single view


Dynatrace was built for automation and web-scale application ecosystems.

  • Scales up to 100,000+ hosts
  • Architectural high availability built in for managed on-premises or SaaS deployments
  • Full integration of cloud native technologies in hyper elastic environments
  • Containerized application monitoring without modifying Docker images
  • IoT monitoring for smart sensors and devices, gateways and hyper scale applications
  • Powerful APIs for seamless integration into enterprise orchestration layers

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