Dynatrace comparison: more than APM

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Dynatrace advantages

Dynatrace delivers unrivaled digital experiences

Unlike other providers, Dynatrace is offering a full-stack solution which contains way more than application performance monitoring. AI-powered, unified, automated performance management is the goal of Dynatrace which leads to the ability of seeing every user and every app everywhere. Auto-deployment and configuration in the cloud offers a maximum amount of usability. Especially since it does not matter which cloud technologies are used. Optimizing an entire IT environment has never been so easy.

Dynatrace overview

Dynatrace ranks #1 for APM and does even more

Going head to head: Dynatrace vs. Cisco AppDynamics

Dynatrace does not only score as full-stack solution, with scalability and application performance. Also the digital experience is best-in-class due to real user and synthetic transaction monitoring.

Compare Dynatrace and AppDynamics

Compare Dynatrace to New Relic

Offering a very small range of functionality compared to Dynatrace, New Relic is not a full-stack APM solution. On the other hand, cloud native support, scalability and ease of deployment are only a few of the mentionable advantages of Dynatrace.

Compare Dynatrace and New Relic

Overview: Dynatrace vs. AppDynamics vs. New Relic

Dynatrace focusses the full-stack support of any IT environments. It is no problem to scale wherever it is needed. This is just one cruical factor where Cisco AppDynamics and New Relic can't compete.

Compare Dynatrace, AppDynamics and New Relic

Comparison of OpenStack monitoring aspects

With a detailed side-by-side comparison we show how Dynatrace makes a difference by giving full stack view into OpenStack and everything running on it, all the way up to the end user.

Dynatrace comparison regarding OpenStack

Dynatrace AWS monitoring compared

How does AWS CloudWatch by Amazon compare to Dynatrace full-stack digital performance monitoring solution? This side-by-side comparison highlights the differences between Dynatrace, AppDynamics, New Relic, and CloudWatch.

Compare Dynatrace and New Relic

See why these big players chose Dynatrace over the competition

Raymond James

“AppDynamics simply samples the traffic, whereas I can trust the key performance indicators we put up with Dynatrace because I know they’re representative of all the transactions.”

Jeff Palmiero, APM Manager at Raymond James

McGraw Hill Education

“I’ve used the competition... it can’t do what Dynatrace can do.”

Shane Shelton, Senior Director of App Performance, McGraw Hill Education


“Dynatrace helped us not just use fewer resources for getting to the cloud, but also the time that our engineers spend on troubleshooting issues now concentrated on innovating in their actual role has been a huge productivity boost.”

Nestor Zapata, Lead Web Systems Administrator, Citrix

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