What’s new

Enhance user experience with full insight into your React Native apps

Easily understand the detection rules of your RUM applications

Update of SSL certificate for Mission Control on April 1, 2020

Get quick alerts and avoid false positives with the new baseline setting

Easily change OneAgent metadata, host name, and monitoring mode

60 seconds to self-upgrading observability on Google Kubernetes Engine

Automate your monitoring orchestration with the new Environment API (Early Adopter)

Extend visibility into workload and cluster health by leveraging native Kubernetes events

Ensure great customer experience on your mobile app by monitoring key user actions

Go web-scale by providing Dynatrace Managed as a service to your teams

ActiveGate release notes version 1.187

OneAgent release notes version 1.187

Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.188

Understand and optimize user journeys with funnel charting

New event type helps avoid unnecessary alerts for planned host downscaling

Customize Dynatrace analysis timeframes as never before with the new global timeframe selector

Manage thousands of hosts with the new OneAgent on a host REST API (Preview)

Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.186

Easily migrate your OneAgent from one tenant or server to another

Resolve problems faster with Davis Assistant and Microsoft Teams

ActiveGate release notes version 1.185

OneAgent release notes, version 1.185

Multidimensional analysis 2.0: Analyze microservice-based metrics without code changes (Part 2)

Understand and optimize performance across your entire SAP ecosystem with Dynatrace SAP monitoring