What’s new

Improved supportability of Dynatrace OneAgent

Ability to manually close problems when justified

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 1.156

Gen 3 monitoring—why dashboards matter

Enable Dynatrace OneAgent in Istio service mesh

Introducing custom services for Go applications

Leverage Google Cloud properties to organize monitored entities

Monitor your Cloud Foundry foundations with Dynatrace

OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes (version 1.155)

ActiveGate plugins framework (Beta)

Introducing the DataPower ActiveGate monitoring plugin

Introducing the F5 LTM ActiveGate monitoring plugin

Davis is now smarter than ever

Real User Monitoring: Important changes to Visually complete calculation

Synthetic clickpaths level up

Introducing Kafka process monitoring (Beta)

Dynatrace Managed: Support for SQL bind variables

Create ad-hoc XLS, CSV, or SVG reports from custom charts

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 1.154

Early access: End-to-end request tracing for IBM Integration Bus

End-to-end request tracing across IBM MQ in Java

Extend framework support with OneAgent SDK for .NET (EAP)

OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes v1.153

Organize your dashboards more effectively