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Apply AI easily and drive automation at scale with the new Dynatrace Software Intelligence Hub

Digital transformation and the shift to dynamic multiclouds is accelerating. For digital enterprises, all-in-one data platforms are an essential enabler and accelerator, transforming the way businesses work.

The devil is in the detail, though because of the sheer number, breadth, and volatility of technologies used in modern architectures and the immense volume, velocity, and variety of data they produce. It requires a simple and automated approach to provide value at scale.

Enter the Hub: the central entry point to automatic and intelligent observability

The Dynatrace Software Intelligence Hub helps enterprises easily apply AI to all technologies and data sources and unlock automation at scale.

The Hub provides easy access to trusted technology integrations and extensions, delivering AI-powered insights beyond observability. All technologies and extensions provide or permit additional contexts, like user sessions and experience, interdependencies between components, or code-level information in addition to the three pillars of observability (traces, metrics, and logs).

The Hub provides visibility into the breadth of technologies supported automatically with no user interaction required

Integrations from other solutions require continuous manual efforts like changing configuration files, deploying and updating different agents for various technologies, or restarting processes for changes to take effect. Dynatrace is committed to a highly automated approach to fulfill the requirements of the world’s largest enterprises.

The new Hub provides transparency into the hundreds of technologies covered by auto-discovery and auto-instrumentation via the OneAgent. For our customers, this means that after installing a single binary on a host, all technologies and services running on it are continuously providing insights beyond observability.

Install it and forget it—Dynatrace takes care of everything.

You don’t even have to know which technologies are running to get information beyond observability plus automatic anomaly detection and root cause analysis.

Easily leverage Dynatrace for cloud platforms, open data frameworks, and other natively supported technologies

Along with the auto-discovered technologies, Dynatrace offers hundreds of additional natively supported technologies.

With the Hub, it’s easy to browse, find, and activate additional data sources. Technologies are enabled with a wizard-like experience and are fully integrated into the common Dynatrace data model, including the additional context described above.

Apply AI easily and drive automation at scale with the new Dynatrace Software Intelligence Hub

The Hub includes the most prominent platforms like Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift as well as public cloud vendors like AWS, GCP, and Azure. A broad range of infrastructure components, open data frameworks, mobile platforms and frameworks (iOS, Android, Flutter, Xamarin, React, and others), and many more are also fully supported.

The Dynatrace Software Intelligence Hub helps to bring scale, automatic AI-driven alerting, and precise root-cause analysis to all data, including supporting open-source data frameworks like StatsD, Telegraf, and Prometheus with no manual effort required and removing the need to maintain local configurations for those technologies.

Extend Dynatrace to specific technologies and use cases at scale with enterprise-grade capabilities

Just like the Dynatrace Platform, the Software Intelligence Hub is built with automation at its core. Powered by a new Extension Framework, it allows customers and partners to manage custom extensions for specific technologies and use cases that are not natively supported.

Our goal is to make this process simple, scalable, and enjoyable. Therefore the Hub, along with the Extension Framework, provides unique enterprise-grade capabilities:

  • Extensions are value packages that combine metrics, logs, and events with pre-defined dashboards and alerts.
  • Easily tie data to the application topology for deep analysis and to fuel the Davis AI engine.
  • Dynatrace can be extended to new technologies easily and quickly without coding and without being a Dynatrace expert.
  • The extension framework covers the entire lifecycle of extensions including deployment and maintenance.
  • Built with an “API first” mindset, the management of extensions can be automated in large environments.
  • Our enterprise-grade platform takes care of scalability and manageability including load balancing, routing, and central management.
  • It also provides security and privacy out-of-the-box and unique access management for cloud-native teams.

Leverage Dynatrace AI for automation with integrations into CD, CMDB, or ITOM solutions

The Dynatrace Software Intelligence Hub also helps you browse, find and use out-of-the-box integrations to weave the platform into the fabric of your multicloud environment. Many use cases in your software development, delivery, and operations depend on actionable insights in real-time. By making data and AI-powered answers accessible to drive automation, the Software Intelligence Hub helps you extend the value you get from Dynatrace:

  • Dynatrace deterministic AI and its integration with ITOM solutions, like ServiceNow, or incident management tools, like PagerDuty, xMatters, or OpsGenie, enable proactive incident resolution.
  • Automation and auto-remediation of delivery processes is supported by integrations with Ansible Tower and ServiceNow.
  • Integrations with the most popular CI/CD servers (Jenkins, Bamboo, and Concourse), version control (BitBucket, GitHub, and Subversion), and software testing solutions (Selenium, Neotys, Loadrunner, Blazemeter) make it easy to leverage Dynatrace for automation in your existing DevOps ecosystem.
  • Seamless integration with collaboration software such as Jira, Slack, and Trello boosts team efficiency driving more value with less effort.
  • Integration with a CMDB like ServiceNow provides continuous auto-population with no manual effort.
  • Dynatrace’s REST APIs also enable companies to easily build custom Dynatrace integrations without additional code.

Start exploring and leveraging the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Hub now

The Software Intelligence Hub is available to our customers today in the platform under Deploy Dynatrace:

  • Explore automatically supported technologies.
  • Apply Dynatrace AI to additional natively supported technologies, cloud platforms, or any other data source.
  • Leverage extensions to cover specific technologies or use cases.
  • Use Dynatrace to drive automation in your ecosystem.

New to Dynatrace?

Start exploring the Software Intelligence or sign up for a free trial and start your journey by clicking Deploy Dynatrace.

Enhancements of the Extension Framework mentioned in this blog post will be available to all Dynatrace customers within the next 90 days. So please stay tuned for updates.