Waltham, MA, March 20, 2020 – Software intelligence company, Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), today announced it is providing new users with extended, free trial access to the Dynatrace® Software Intelligence Platform, through May 19, 2020. In addition, new users will receive free access to the Dynatrace Real User Monitoring (RUM) for SaaS vendor experience, through September 19, 2020. These actions are designed to help global organizations, especially those on the frontlines in the travel, logistics, and healthcare industries, keep their teams productive and maintain digital performance during the global response to the coronavirus.

“These are unprecedented times, and companies will need to trust their applications and IT infrastructures more than ever to keep employees productive and customers satisfied”, said John Van Siclen, CEO of Dynatrace. “This is our business, helping IT organizations assure the performance and availability of applications and infrastructure from the outside in, from the point of view of the users. Our platform is highly automatic, very easy to implement and provides an extremely quick time to value. We have a valuable role to play as companies rapidly shift to work-from-home programs, and we are glad to help.”

Dynatrace is offering extended, free trial access to its highly automated Software Intelligence Platform through May 19, 2020 to help resource constrained IT teams quickly adapt to the changing landscape. In minutes, organizations can implement Dynatrace®, and within hours they can receive high-fidelity observability across a wide array of applications as well as the underlying public cloud and hybrid infrastructures that support them. With its unified AI-engine, Davis®, Dynatrace self-discovers, learns and continuously monitors the behavior of apps, infrastructure, and users. When behavior deviates from normal, the system identifies the issue impacting users or services, and then notifies the appropriate team members what to do to remediate automatically – no wasted time, no false positives

To ensure the availability and performance of SaaS applications and maintain the productivity of remote SaaS users, Dynatrace is also offering free use of its Real User Monitoring (RUM) for SaaS vendor experience, via its web browser extension, through September 19, 2020. If workers relying on these applications experience poor or mixed response times, Dynatrace SaaS Vendor RUM pinpoints the root-cause of any issue, enabling remediation to ensure remote workforces remain productive.