WALTHAM, MA and LAS VEGAS, NV – February 6, 2020 – Software intelligence company, Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), today announced expanded digital experience management capabilities including advanced analytics and segmentation of mobile app user sessions, auto-instrumentation for additional mobile platforms and technologies, and enhancements to its explainable AI engine, Davis®, including insights from third-party mobile app components. With these advances, Dynatrace® delivers real-time, precise answers about the health, performance and usage of native mobile apps, enabling organizations to quickly deliver new apps and features as well as troubleshoot and resolve issues before user experience and adoption are impacted.

According to recent research, consumers downloaded more than 200 billion mobile apps, and spent over $120 billion on these apps in 2019. With a growing preference for mobile-first experiences, consumers expect their apps to work perfectly every time, increasing the pressure on development teams to speed up native mobile app innovation and resolve user-impacting issues quickly. This requires the identification of the precise root-cause and impact of problems wherever they occur, from backend applications and underlying cloud infrastructure and networks, to the mobile app and the device itself. Other solutions cannot provide this full-stack context or precise answers about performance across digital channels, and therefore, lack the speed, simplicity, and efficiency required to deliver outstanding mobile-first experiences.

“The Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform was designed to enable organizations to optimize user experiences across all of their digital channels, including native mobile apps, websites, and devices,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace. “In the last year, we have witnessed accelerating uptake of Dynatrace for native mobile apps to provide a complete picture of user experiences across all channels and the full stack. With our explainable, AI-based approach, organizations can go beyond partial monitoring and best guesses and discover precise answers that explain exactly what, where, when and why issues impact mobile app user experiences. This enables these teams to accelerate innovation and problem resolution.”

“Increasingly, mobile is a primary channel for our customer engagement, so it’s critical we don’t leave this behind when understanding user experience across all our apps and digital channels on a single platform,” said Erick Leon, Manager of Application Performance and Monitoring Management at Carnival Corporation. “Dynatrace helps us deliver great mobile experiences. Applying its AI engine gets us faster answers, highlighting the precise, root-cause of any potential problems before they become issues for our customers. This enables us to innovate faster and deliver more reliable and responsive mobile experiences for our customers to exceed their expectations and deliver better business outcomes.”

New enhancements to Dynatrace® Digital Experience Management capabilities for native mobile applications include:

  • Advanced analytics and segmentation – Dynatrace multi-dimensional analytics now include crash reporting workflow and granular segmentation capabilities spanning health, performance and usage metrics across all app components and user actions. These enhancements eliminate blind spots and streamline the error troubleshooting process to identify the precise root-cause and impact of problems wherever they occur, from backend applications and underlying cloud infrastructure and networks, to the mobile app and device.
  • Enhanced auto-instrumentation – Dynatrace’s fully automated instrumentation and dependency mapping capabilities have been extended to the most popular mobile frameworks and platforms including React Native and tvOS. These augment existing auto-instrumentation for Android, iOS, Xamarin, Cordova and Ionic, and enable organizations to eliminate manual effort and quickly achieve observability as well as AI-powered answers for native mobile apps.
  • Enriched AI-powered answers – Dynatrace’s explainable AI engine, Davis®, can now process data from third-party mobile apps components, in addition to mobile app crash and error rates, and user performance metrics. As a result, Davis delivers even more precise answers in real time to accelerate problem resolution and help ensure optimal experiences for every mobile app user.

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