WALTHAM, MA, April 2, 2020 — Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), today announced that BARBRI, the global learning and leading bar preparation provider, is using Dynatrace® to create more seamless remote online learning experiences and drive better business results. BARBRI recently expanded its use of the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform to include the Digital Business Analytics and Digital Experience Management modules. This provides BARBRI with deeper insight into how the performance of its applications and infrastructure, as well as its training content and UI, impact students’ learning journeys and affect business outcomes. As a result, IT, development and business teams now collaborate more closely than ever to constantly improve e-learning experiences and maintain strong business momentum.

“Our students’ learning experience is the lifeblood of our business, and their success accessing and navigating our e-learning resources directly influences our bottom line,” said Mark Kaplan, Senior Director of IT, BARBRI. “Before Dynatrace, we would often learn of issues for the first time from our students. With Dynatrace’s AI, Davis, continuously watching for anomalies from performance, user experience, or content quality issues, we discover and address issues before students are impacted. This has transformed the way we work, allowing us to switch from reacting to problems to proactively optimizing our students’ experiences.”

Dynatrace® also enables BARBRI teams to understand which learning resources its students are using the most, which tests they frequently struggle with, and where they most often experience site-navigation difficulties. The teams then share these insights with other groups across the organization. As a result, developers can build compelling e-learning experiences and business leaders can keep track of how the company is performing against their core KPIs. These insights also help BARBRI teams identify new opportunities to enhance student satisfaction and further grow the business by increasing adoption of its e-learning resources and creating new services.

“The Session Replay capability is a powerful example of how Dynatrace enables our teams to experience our students’ user journeys first-hand,” said Kaplan. “Now we can play back user sessions in a high-definition, movie-like reproduction. This allows us to reach out to students and guide them through a task if they’re struggling. Our development team loves these capabilities as they provide actionable insights that enable them to fine-tune user experiences in ways that have never been possible before. Our business execs love them because they’ve revolutionized the way we interact with our students to build stronger relationships and continually advance our company. Dynatrace is a real life ‘wow factor’, giving us everything we need to ensure our students are happy and everything is running as it should.”

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