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SAP TechEd 2018: The path to an intelligent enterprise needs software intelligence

SAP TechEd events, held in Las Vegas and Barcelona, expanded upon the “intelligent enterprise” theme introduced at SAPPHIRE. Both conferences emphasized this point: running in the cloud is your path to a successful business. Openness was a driving topic surrounding the cloud, specifically around the SAP Cloud Platform, as SAP is opening their APIs for customers and partners to extend their applications and innovate faster. Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board at SAP, Products & Innovation, said it best, “Openness is the future of enterprise software”.

When SAP talks about the intelligent enterprise, it’s clear that they are banking on SAP Cloud Platform becoming the nucleus for organizations to handle a digital-native, software-native, market and the journey begins with applications. Björn Goerke, Chief Technology Officer of SAP and President of SAP Cloud Platform, iterated the importance of SAP Cloud Platform by asking the crowd in Barcelona to repeat after him: “Keep the core clean”. What he meant is to drive innovation through SAP Cloud Platform and avoid creating too many changes to the core ERP and S4/HANA systems.

At TechEd, there were many breakout sessions focused on getting started with SAP Cloud Platform and more importantly, how to operate your cloud applications running on SAP Cloud Platform.  Thorsten Sandfuchs, Product Owner SAP CP Performance & APM, really stressed the importance of managing and operating your cloud applications along with their underlying dependencies in his breakout session.  When it comes to out-of-the-box native services like monitoring and logging, Thorsten put Dynatrace on top for third-party monitoring to optimize observability of your applications. In Barcelona, Matthieu Pelatan, the PM for SAP Cloud Platform, repeated this presentation and at the last session of the event, had a large crowd eager to get this information.

Not only was SAP talking about our capabilities at TechEd, our own Peter Van Heck, Global Strategic Partner Manager for SAP, was in the Partner Demo Theater highlighting Dynatrace’s next generation monitoring capabilities for the cloud. With Dynatrace, you can build apps with confidence by trusting Dynatrace software intelligence for answers.  Dynatrace provides customers the ability to innovate faster with insights into their applications and microservice architecture in hybrid environments.  Dynatrace supports NEO and Cloud Foundry environments on SAP Cloud Platform and FIORI.

To learn more about how to deploy Dynatrace to Fiori, NEO, and Cloud Foundry environments on SAP Cloud Platform, register for our webinar on November 15, 2018.

As you think about the cloud driving the intelligent enterprise of today and tomorrow, know Dynatrace provides software intelligence for the cloud to simplify the complexity that will come with cloud native and hybrid environments. Learn more about what makes Dynatrace unique with our free 15-day trial or visit our website to learn more.