Monitoring for SAP

SAP’s application landscape today is larger than ever, helping organizations achieve digital transformation and accelerate innovation. Dynatrace is here to help navigate all your monitoring needs across SAP’s product portfolio.

Accelerate business innovation with SAP and Dynatrace

Digital has changed the way we do business today. We’ve seen an increase in the number of new technologies growing with IoT, end-to-end customer experience, and improvement in operational functionally all propelling the digital transformation market.

SAP is committed to transforming companies into digital enterprises. As organizations embrace a digital transformation strategy, it’s key to have insights into performance across these hyperscale, hypercomplex corporate IT environments. Dynatrace, with an all-in-one monitoring approach powered by artificial intelligence, is the proven partner to monitor SAP’s ecosystem.

Complete picture of your environment

In today’s ultra-complex environments, it’s not enough to monitor individual components in your technology stack. You need to understand how they all work together collectively to deliver your applications. Dynatrace automatically monitors and maps out the millions of dependencies among application components in real time—and dynamically auto-updates as things change on the fly. This allows for problems to be detected and prioritized based on their impact to your customers.

  • Dynatrace provides a single problem notification that identifies the root cause of the problem.
  • Actionable intelligence about application performance at your fingertips.
  • Full insight into dynamic cloud instances and ephemeral microservices.
  • No gaps or blind spots along the network.
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Sap premium certified

Dynatrace provides full insight across SAP ecosystems

  • SAP Business Technology Platform monitoring

    Innovate faster with full stack monitoring for SAP Business Technology Platform, powered by AI.

    • Deliver unrivaled digital user experiences
    • Manage microservice architectures in hybrid environments
    • Resolve problems proactively, powered by AI
  • SAP C/4HANA Monitoring

    All-in-one monitoring built for SAP Commerce Cloud.

    • User experience in context to application performance
    • Auto-discovery and monitoring of all transactions with gap-free, code-level data
    • Identify performance hotspots in minutes and resolve issues automatically powered by AI

Monitoring redefined for a smooth digital transformation

  • Better decisions

    Dynatrace digital experience monitoring provides business context:

    • User journeys
    • Conversions
    • Feature adoption
    • Business impact of application performance
  • Accelerated innovation

    Increase speed and quality of your entire application life cycle:

    • CI/CD pipeline integration
    • AI-based quality gates
    • Automated problem identification
    • Production monitoring, powered by AI
  • Immediate value

    Easy to use means easy to adopt. Artificial intelligence is a game changer:

    • Zero configuration
    • Auto-instrumentation and discovery
    • Smart baselines and root cause analysis
    • Scaling with web-scale microservice architectures

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