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SAP monitoring

Leverage the Dynatrace and PowerConnect partnership to streamline monitoring SAP’s application landscape and uncover insights in real-time with dashboards, out-of-the-box use cases, and AI-powered alerting.

Simplify your SAP application landscape with Dynatrace and PowerConnect

Overcome monitoring challenges and modernize into a true digital enterprise with the partnership of Dynatrace and PowerConnect.

Drive business innovation with unified SAP observability

  • Leverage Dynatrace’s unified platform and PowerConnect to gain insight into the health and performance of your complex corporate IT environments.
  • Streamline data analysis and promote timely issue resolution with complete visibility over your SAP system landscape.

Get a complete picture of your environment out-of-the-box

  • Use the power of AI to understand application dependencies and how they all work together to deliver business insights.
  • Leverage pre-built SAP monitoring use cases to ensure performance, availability, security, and business use cases right away.

SAP-Certified for seamless integration

Dynatrace is SAP Premium Certified to help you navigate all your monitoring needs across SAP’s product portfolio.
SAP Premium Certified
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Get full insight across SAP ecosystems

  • SAP Business Technology Platform monitoring

    Innovate faster with full stack monitoring for SAP Business Technology Platform, powered by AI.

    • Deliver unrivaled digital user experiences
    • Manage microservice architectures in hybrid environments
    • Resolve problems proactively with the power of AI

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Drive a faster, smoother digital transformation

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    Make better decisions

    Dynatrace digital experience monitoring provides business context:

    • Deliver unrivaled digital user experiences
    • Manage microservice architectures in hybrid environments
    • Resolve problems proactively, powered by AI
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    Accelerate innovation

    Increase speed and quality of your entire application life cycle:

    • CI/CD pipeline integration
    • AI-based quality gates
    • Automated problem identification
    • Production monitoring, powered by AI
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    See immediate value

    Easy to use means easy to adopt. Artificial intelligence is a game changer:

    • Zero configuration
    • Auto-instrumentation and discovery
    • Smart baselines and root cause analysis
    • Scaling with web-scale microservice architectures

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