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Perform Vegas 2019: futureproofing your platform, from AIOps to developer

Returning to Las Vegas for our annual Perform event, at Rockstar venue The Cosmopolitan, day two of Perform Vegas was nothing short of a show-stopping start.

Dave Anderson, SVP of Marketing, opened the event in style as always – skateboarding to center stage to welcome attendees.

Looking at 2019 predictions and expectations from the past, Dave compared it to the reality of today. And whilst we’re not flying through space just yet, he hit on the fact that we have come a long way since 2000.

“AI is no longer a futuristic thought, in fact it’s here now and will be the thing that makes it possible to resolve complex problems and automate processes to make our lives easier.” Dave continued, “We’re on the verge of one of the biggest transformations of all time. A software revolution. Software powers everything we do, and as technologists we are responsible for making this work.”

To make this work, Dynatrace engineers set out on a reinvention of the existing platform; a platform that would go beyond APM, expanding and opening our platform so that it’s purpose-built for the cloud.

Let’s step back to 13th February 2013

“It all started with a dinner in Linz on February 13th, six years ago,” explained CEO John Van Siclen as he discussed how the world has changed drastically, and everything is now dependent on software.

And, with the cloud on the horizon everything was about to change. So, despite the company thriving, 12 of our best developers decided to reinvent our platform.

“To get answers, not more data, we needed an AI engine at the core. And for this to work we needed real-time dependency mapping,” Van Siclen said. “So, extending our existing platform wasn’t an option. Instead, we reinvented it.”

CEO John Van Siclen, telling the Dynatrace story.

Re-building the cloud from the ground up, we’ve extended and enhanced the Dynatrace platform with APIs, ingesting third-party data to bring more openness and avenues for AI to learn from. Now, we’ve exceeded our own expectations.

  • Dynatrace manages 1300 clusters, 1200 SaaS instances – 10x YoY.
  • The platform has 79 trillion dependencies per day – 100x YoY.

Summarizing his keynote John defined Dynatrace in three words, “Open, Platform, Autonomous”. Simple, but powerful. And noted, if you’re not on the autonomous cloud roadmap for 2020 – you’ll definitely be on the one for 2025.

AIOps and Openness

Following on from John’s keynote, Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management continued to paint the picture of our AI journey announcing our new enhanced Dynatrace open software intelligence platform.

What have we done?

  • Enhanced our AI and automation capabilities
  • Expanded the platform visibility
  • Bettered our deterministic answers for self-healing through the improved AI engine, Davis®.

“With four years of continual AI advancements, we have introduced our next generation of Dynatrace Davis,” Tack said. “We continue to drive forward – if you can’t be confident or trust the answers you’re getting back from your platform, then you can’t automate. It’s not just about what’s happening to performance analysis anymore, but the changes/noise/alerts in the environment that we’re able to remove so you can focus only on what matters.”

Tack teased the audience, explaining how Davis could be deployed in a day without any human intervention but left customer Reinhard Weber, SAP CX to explain his experience with Dynatrace.

“Deploying Dynatrace was a one-man project,” Weber explained. “We had to do a little bit of planning and then we just pushed a button on Friday, and on Monday I came back to the office and everything had changed. The only management I had to do was on the BBQ over the weekend.”

Your ACM journey

Moving from our enhanced platform, Andrew Hittle, Chief Customer Officer, demonstrated how we are the leader in Autonomous Cloud Management (ACM) and what this means for our customers.

Breaking this down Hittle explained the three key elements Dynatrace uses to get to ACM.

  • Have an unbreakable pipeline; to deliver software faster and more efficiently.
  • Leverage NoOps; focusing on innovation, automating problem resolution and detection and leveraging virtual assistance enables customers to employ self-remediation – solving problems quicker.
  • Business operations; helping our customer deliver a supreme digital experience by automating visibility back to the experience and how this converts into a return.

Development for Developers

Concluding the morning session, Tack returned to discuss how we have moved well beyond APM, taking advantage of APIs to help manage the next generation of the cloud.

And to help get you beyond APM, our second announcement was our Developer Program. The free instance of Dynatrace provides you with the capability of exploring any area of the Dynatrace platform.

Echoing the message from John earlier in the day, around the roadmap to the autonomous cloud, the developer program aims to get all of you there.

Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management.

“Dynatrace’s developer program is the one-stop shop for all developer needs,” Tack said. “With the developer program all your resources and best practices are now at your fingertips, allowing you to learn, create and connect.”

More broadly, the program enables you to work with integrations, learn how to extend your reach for monitoring, ITSM integrations and more as well as having the ability to connect with your peers in the community.

Available to all Dynatrace customers and partners now, find out more here.