Las Vegas, Nev., ‑ January 29th, 2019 ‑ Software intelligence company, Dynatrace, today launched its Free for Life Developer Program devoted to the recruitment, education and growth of customer and partner developers who are extending the Dynatrace® software intelligence platform across hybrid cloud ecosystems. As companies look to bring greater intelligence to their clouds to enable autonomous cloud operations, Dynatrace will provide the tools and resources to enable and accelerate this journey. Dynatrace’s open software intelligence platform can be integrated with third-party offerings to automate operations, drive smart process and workflow, and ingest new sources of data and events.

The Dynatrace Developer Program provides a single, centralized community for developers and enterprise application architects with a central destination website. The Developer Program provides training materials, best practices and information on how to develop integrations and extensions on the Dynatrace® software intelligence platform, to become more productive using Dynatrace developer tools. All Dynatrace Developer Program members gain free access to a developer instance on the platform, where they can innovate and create new value on the platform, and connect and collaborate with the rapidly growing Dynatrace community for as long as they are licensed to use the Dynatrace® platform.

“The Dynatrace Developer program is a one‑stop shop for developers to innovate and create with Dynatrace®,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace. “We’re empowering enterprises to extend the AI and automation core of the Dynatrace® software intelligence platform to third-party tooling, platforms and workflows across the cloud to garner greater insight and automation, including autonomous cloud operations. By creating a centralized location and collaborative environment, Dynatrace is delivering the tools and resources our growing ecosystem needs to start quickly and show results.”

Today’s news is being announced at Perform, Dynatrace’s annual cloud innovation conference, where approximately 1,600 Dynatrace customers, partners, and developers will come together in-person to network and learn. With deep dive sessions in advanced development areas like “Integrating Dynatrace® into your DevOps toolchain” and, “Realtime cloud automation,” it’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Dynatrace Developer Program.

To learn more and to join the Dynatrace Developer Program, visit: