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Perform 2020: Transforming your enterprise for the next decade

Just like that, we’re back in Las Vegas for Perform, and this year we’ve really stepped it up a notch. Returning to The Cosmopolitan Hotel, our first day of mainstage presentations was a show stopping performance.

Just like that, we’re back in Las Vegas for Perform, and this year we’ve really stepped it up a notch. Returning to The Cosmopolitan Hotel, our first day of mainstage presentations was a show stopping performance.

Dave Anderson, SVP of Marketing, never fails to surprise audiences, and this year, he took his opening sequence to another level as he casually rapped his own rendition of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby, titled “Full-stack baby”.

Reflecting the theme for Perform 2020 – transform – Dave touched on how, in the next decade, software, and the role of the teams that deliver and manage it, is going to be more important than ever. “We’ve got 50 countries represented at Perform this year, with over 2,000 attendees. Software is important to every industry and country, and that’s why we come together here – to transform the way we work through intelligence and around our customers,” Dave explained.

With that in mind, Dave handed off to CEO John Van Siclen for the opening keynote.

The decade ahead

“All businesses are transforming in a big way,” John said. “The difference between success and failure is going to be how fast and smart we can move. If we cling to old approaches, then we’re probably destined for failure.”

John previewed some of the changes expected over the next decade, not just with applications and IT but the jobs, services, and industries software powers. Exemplifying the rapid transformation happening around us, John touched on the future of self-driving cars, facial recognition and more. These innovations already exist. They are also the driving force behind future transformations. And software is underpinning all of these.

John explained how Dynatrace itself is constantly transforming. With our explainable AI engine, Davis®, at the core, the company and platform evolve to help customers transform their businesses. As a result, our customers can provide their customers with the best possible digital experiences.

“We’ve moved beyond APM and user experience and provided a broader foot to bring automated and AI-driven answers for all customers on an all-in-one platform,” John said.

Transforming and enhancing the platform continuously enables our customers to constantly enhance and transform their own organizations, and as a result, be leaders in their industries too. Demonstrating the impact Dynatrace has on top brands from all over the world, and how customers enhance our innovation, John invited Greg Sullivan, CIO, Carnival Corporation to the stage.

Cruising through transformation

Operating for fifty years, Carnival has radically transformed the way their business operates, and Dynatrace underpins the success of the customer experiences they deliver.

Sullivan explained how the driving force behind Carnival’s transformation is their customers. He described how Carnival strived for a seamless and frictionless experience for all those travelling on their ships. One break in the chain would hinder the experience of the customer.

“Throughout fifty years of sailing, we used the same technology,” Sullivan said. “For us, it’s not just about the technological transformation, it’s about experience transformation for our guests as well as our crew. Technology is an enabler of that, and the platform for the experience transformation has been made possible by the capabilities provided by Dynatrace.”

A great example of transforming the user experience with Carnival is the use of the Carnival Medallion. A simple watch-like item customers wear during their time on the ship, the Medallion enables a seamless customer experience at all points during the Carnival vacation.

Carnival’s Medallion shows where customers are at every point on the ship, making their experience a world-class one. Whether it’s entering their room with a simple gesture or ordering a bottle of champagne and having it delivered right to them with no need to walk to the bar, the technology makes each of these experiences seamless. “If the dolphins start jumping off the port side of the ship, we want you to be able to order champagne from your device without having to inconvenience yourself by going to the bar,” Sullivan said.

With Dynatrace, Carnival Corporation has been able to achieve their business objective to exceed expectations at every opportunity.

A look to the future

Closing his keynote, John looked ahead at not only the next year, but well-beyond, to the next decade. Predicting every industry will shift, and the shift will rely on software, John gave the audience three things to takeaway.

“Automation will become a must. Clouds will run autonomously, and we predict ACM is going to be the norm by the middle of the decade,” he said.

Business outcomes was John’s second takeaway for the audience. As he explained, it’s important to be able to pinpoint in real time where the problems are to improve the outcomes for each organization. With Dynatrace’s unified, holistic view connecting the entire stack, we make this possible, and deliver better business outcomes.

Finally, reiterating the theme of Perform, John left the audience with his final takeaway. “Change won’t work,” he said. “Transformation is required. Modern tools with old approaches won’t work. The Dynatrace Platform is a transformed approach. We transformed so you can transform.”