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Dynatrace Amplify Partner Sales Kickoff 2023: Observability Unleashed

Recently, Dynatrace held its first annual partner enablement event, Amplify Sales Kickoff, announcing some exciting initiatives for the year ahead. With the theme “Observability Unleashed,” this conference focused on end-to-end, full-stack observability powered by the Dynatrace unified intelligence platform. And specifically, how Dynatrace can help partners deliver multicloud performance and boundless analytics for their customers’ digital transformation and success.

2023: The “Year of the Partner”

The event started strong with some words from Ken Clayton, SVP, Channels, Dynatrace.

“The historical definition of observability is transforming,” Clayton said. “Observability is no longer optional, but mandatory for organizations migrating to the modern cloud.” This digital transformation journey requires AI-powered answers and intelligent automation that legacy systems can’t deliver.

To help Dynatrace deliver this end-to-end observability, we work with our partners to understand and address our joint customers’ needs and pain points. With this understanding, we help them make the best business decisions and investments that benefit both organizations. Our partners offer a personalized approach through their services that extend Dynatrace’s capabilities and results for the customer.

To that end, Rick McConnell, Dynatrace CEO has declared 2023 “The Year of the Partner.” While last year was deemed “The Year of Innovation” for launching Grail, our causal data lakehouse with massively parallel processing (MPP), along with AppEngine, AutomationEngine, Notebooks, and more, 2023 is about extending these innovations to more customers through our partners. We recognize that our partners are the key to the retention and expansion of all our customers, and we are committed to our partners’ growth. We know that meaningful results are achieved when customer experience is optimized by our partners, and this year, Dynatrace has developed new avenues to help promote this.

Delivering joint customer value

Dynatrace partners bring so much value to joint customers, and we are thrilled to be engaged with them to provide unified observability, application security, and boundless analytics. Steve Tack, Dynatrace SVP of Product Management, dove into our roadmap and explored some of the new ways partners can drive real customer value and adoption across the recent innovations from Dynatrace. Just a few of these are outlined below.

Dynatrace Platform Subscription (DPS)

The new Dynatrace Platform Subscription (DPS) is a frictionless way for customers to adopt any capability across the Dynatrace platform. Cloud-native applications require observability and security that can scale, flex, and respond instantaneously. The Dynatrace Platform Subscription (DPS) includes modern pricing with flexibility and transparency for cloud environments. As a result, partners can help joint customers expand their Dynatrace use more easily and with greater flexibility to their needs.

Leading with SaaS

Dynatrace is making a big lean into SaaS, including enhanced privacy and security. Organizations are evacuating data centers and going towards the cost, speed, and capability advantages that they can get from the cloud.

Cloud-native apps and infrastructure

There is strong traction within the market helping customers to better adopt cloud-native environments with speed and confidence. The recent Dynatrace innovations enable the ability to bring new value to new audiences. Silos are converging within different roles, for example, and different audiences need different views of data for monitoring and securing cloud-native environments.

Log management at scale

Drive enhanced analytics with lower cost considerations. Dynatrace continues to bring forward any log format making it easier to natively ingest logs across hyperscalers. We are also continuing to ramp the ability to ingest large volumes of data without sacrificing speed, extending analytical capabilities into the forensics side, and delivering on the Dynatrace promise of answers and not just more data.

Secure cloud applications

Application security continues to be a priority for organizations, and Dynatrace delivers continual, always-on insights into what’s happening within cloud environments.

These areas together underpin the new Dynatrace Value Incentive Partner Program (VIPP), which we designed to provide more opportunities, more services, and more benefits to our partners. VIPP enables and equips partners to utilize these recent Dynatrace platform enhancements and expand their offerings to better help customers. This incentive leads to reoccurring opportunities and deals for partners and their customers. To learn more about the benefits of the Value Incentive Partner Program for Dynatrace partners, you can access the Amplify event sessions on-demand.

Dynatrace Partner Services Endorsement Program

The next session featured Michael Allen, VP, Worldwide Partners for Dynatrace. Allen dove into the new partner Services Endorsement Program. This program empowers and equips Dynatrace partners with the skills and expertise needed to leverage the Dynatrace ACE Services best practices to a similar level of the Dynatrace ACE Services team.

The Services Endorsement Program includes training and certification for partners that span unified observability and security, AIOps, and advanced DevSecOps and CloudOps. Through a two-step approach, partners can become Dynatrace Services Endorsed. To do so, four individuals must first complete the program and receive the Dynatrace Services Certification before an organization can then apply for the company Services Endorsement. Additional value includes enabling partners to:

  • Stand out to customers as an innovator that delivers results and maximum value.
  • Accelerate business growth with the latest sales and technical training.
  • Find new opportunities with marketing support that amplifies exposure to customers.
  • Earn recognition through competency-specific badges that promote the company status.

Upon completion of the program and passing of the exam, partners will achieve the Services accreditation, which demonstrates they have been introduced to and retained the knowledge for Dynatrace ACE Services best practices and are able to deliver these effectively. Learn more about the Dynatrace Partner Services Endorsement Program.

In addition to this new program, Allen also announced the launch of the new Dynatrace Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Portal. The new portal is designed to make it easier for our partners to access the tools they need to work more efficiently to help joint customers achieve their business goals. The portal offers the following upgrades:

  • Simplified deal registration
  • Improved enablement and training
  • Personalized promotional assets, with more ways to share these with customers and prospects

Partners can access the new portal here.

Dynatrace + Partners = Better together

With the goal of delivering more value to our joint customers, we believe our partners will drive the momentum behind Dynatrace in the coming year. We are here to make our partners and their customers successful, just as they make us successful. At Amplify, we also took the opportunity to recognize those partners going the extra mile during our Awards Session.

To learn more about how our partnerships deliver value to our partners and their customers, you can access the Amplify sessions on demand.