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Dynatrace AI-powered platform operates on AWS Tokyo

Since March 2024, the Dynatrace® platform has been available on AWS in Tokyo, allowing customers to leverage the latest Dynatrace capabilities from Japan. Customers benefit from the extensive set of capabilities of the new Dynatrace, including the Dynatrace Grail™ data lakehouse, Dynatrace® AppEngine, and the new Dynatrace user experience, including powerful dashboarding capabilities and interactive Dynatrace Notebooks. Accompanied by a comprehensive set of features that support data privacy and security, Dynatrace ensures that customer and end-user data is stored in AWS Tokyo, fulfilling the data residency requirements of Japanese customers.

Dynatrace, operated from Tokyo, addresses the data residency needs of the Japanese market

Dynatrace operates its AI-powered unified platform for observability, security, and business analytics as a SaaS solution in 19 worldwide regions on three hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, and GCP).

Applicable laws, standards, and special requirements for Dynatrace SaaS customers in new regions are constantly assessed and evaluated. A particular focus is given to data residency, local data security and privacy requirements, and enabling Dynatrace Managed customers to upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS in the cloud. By leveraging Dynatrace operations in Japan, customers can now accelerate their cloud transformation with Dynatrace, fully supporting the unique needs of the Japanese market.

Dynatrace identified the following requirements for Japanese customers that operating Dynatrace from AWS Tokyo can now fulfill, allowing customers to leverage the full potential of the Dynatrace AI-powered platform:

  • Legal requirements for public SaaS offerings in Japan. Although the European Economic Area (EEA) countries are considered safe, Japanese Data Protection law (APPI) requires that personal data not be transferred to a foreign country unless the country provides adequate data protection, matching the Japanese standard. However, discussions with Dynatrace customers and prospects indicate that Japanese customers often require their data to be stored in Japan, especially in highly regulated industries like finance and healthcare.
  • Domain-specific guidelines recommend local data storage in Japan. In certain sectors, data must be stored in Japan, and cloud solutions must support this rule. For Example, guidelines recommend that information systems for the handling of medical data must be located in the territory of Japan (as defined in Guidelines on Security Management of Information System and Services Handling Medical Information published by the Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIC) in July 2023).
  • Government cloud services must use Japanese data centers. The Information System Security Management and Assessment Program (ISMAP) is a government assessment program that evaluates each cloud service provider’s security measures and approves those that satisfy the Japanese government’s security requirements. Data residency in Japan is a must. The three big hyperscalers—AWS, Google, and Azure—provide their services in Japan in compliance with ISMAP.
  • Japan’s market is expanding its SaaS footprint, and the demand for SaaS solutions is growing daily. Regulated sectors are making considerable effort to enable their organizations to use SaaS deployments (for example, ISMAP). The hyperscalers are making substantial investments in the Japanese market; for instance, AWS plans to invest 2.26 trillion yen into its Japanese cloud infrastructure by 2027.

Since March 2024, the Dynatrace AI-powered observability platform has been available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo) region (ap-northeast-1) and is ready to use by our AWS Tokyo/Japan customers.

“By using Dynatrace, now operated from AWS Tokyo, customers can leverage all the new unique features of the AI-powered Dynatrace platform and ensure that all the customer data is not leaving Japan. Fulfilling the data residency requirements of Japanese customers, Dynatrace AWS Tokyo strengthens Dynatrace’s commitment to enable Japanese customers to accelerate their cloud journey. Using the AI-powered Dynatrace platform directly from AWS Japan, customers can easily get detailed insights in any workload–be it on-premises or in the cloud and have all the means to successfully move any workload from on-premises to the cloud,” said Rafi Katanasho, APAC Chief Technology Officer and Solution Sales Vice President at Dynatrace.

Upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS in AWS Tokyo

If you’re an existing Dynatrace customer, please contact us to learn how to best upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS in AWS Tokyo. Dynatrace offers a comprehensive set of services to upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS. An overview of how to upgrade is available in our guide, Upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS.

Get started with the AI-powered Dynatrace platform in AWS Tokyo

If you want to try Dynatrace in AWS Tokyo or learn more about the Dynatrace AI-powered observability platform, check out the Dynatrace website or contact us for further information.

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