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Automatic observability on Amazon EKS for AWS Fargate with intelligent Dynatrace Operators

Many Site Reliability Engineers could do without the frustrations of managing virtual or bare-metal compute nodes. Though serverless platforms relieve them from this burden, such platforms are built using Kubernetes alternatives that require different APIs, orchestration tools, and observability requirements. AWS Fargate is the exception to this rule: with the AWS serverless compute engine, paired with Dynatrace intelligent observability for Kubernetes, customers can forgo the complex burden of managing and monitoring their own server infrastructure.

Get automatic, intelligent observability on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for AWS Fargate with new Dynatrace Operators

Thanks to the strong partnership between Dynatrace and AWS, we’re excited to announce support for the new Dynatrace Operator on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) with AWS Fargate. Intelligent Dynatrace Operators set a new industry standard for simple activation by replacing pin-pointed monitoring solutions with an all-in-one approach that offers Kubernetes cluster, node, and pod observability with application metrics, distributed tracing, and real user monitoring. No longer must organizations settle for dozens of individual agents and configurations when they only need OneAgent.

Flexible monitoring of pods with OneAgent on EKS

The AWS and Dynatrace partnership, built upon years of innovation featuring dozens of tight integrations, offers all-in-one observability for Elastic Kubernetes Engine with EKS nodes on EC2 as well as EKS Fargate profiles, which offer a newer simplified management model. The new intelligent Dynatrace Operator fully integrates into both models using the new Application Only Automation. In addition, AWS customers can choose where the Kubernetes scheduler runs Dynatrace Operator and admission controller (webhook) pods. A blended EC2 + Fargate approach, as well as a pure Fargate approach, are documented in Dynatrace Help.

Choosing the best approach depends on the context of your team. Teams who need fine-grained control over their Kubernetes worker nodes will prefer EC2 nodes over Fargate pods. A blended model with a mixture of both Node Groups is a popular alternative as it offers control for applications that perform optimally on EC2 as a fallback for hassle-free Fargate pods.

Dynatrace’s all-in-one Intelligent observability for Kubernetes serves both sides of any organization’s application deployment process. In addition to Dynatrace’s world class Kubernetes workload and cluster monitoring for DevOps teams, application teams gain tremendous value with Dynatrace PurePath and deep code-level visibility into the performance of Kubernetes pods running Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js and Golang containers. Only Dynatrace provides this level of of infrastructure and application observability in one comprehensive solution.

Activate intelligent observability on EKS for Fargate today!

Getting started with Dynatrace and EKS for AWS Fargate has never been easier.