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Correct Spelling of Dynatrace

The correct way to spell Dynatrace is with a capital D. We no longer use Dynatrace spelled with a capital T in any content or product names. The only place that we will use a lower case d will be in our full logo. Whenever you type Dynatrace, please always type the name with a capital D.

Dynatrace Product Usage Guidelines

"Dynatrace” can be omitted when “Dynatrace” context is clear or when full product name used earlier in document. Example: ACME Airlines, a Dynatrace customer, uses User Experience Management to derive insights from mobile users…

Abbreviations are OK when product descriptor longer than two words.

Acceptable use of abbreviation:

  • Dynatrace Data Center RUM -> Dynatrace DC RUM
  • Dynatrace User Experience Management -> Dynatrace UEM

Dynatrace Application Monitoring should never be abbreviated to Dynatrace AM. It should always be spelled out.