Logo guidelines

Our logo is one of the most important and ubiquitous elements of our identity. It is a unique signature which crosses all areas of Dynatrace. This page covers the correct usage.

Logo guidelines

Logo variants

Logo positive Logo positive

Logo vertical positive Logo vertical positive

Logo guidelines Logo monochromatic positive

Logo guidelines Logo vertical monochromatic positive

Logo positive Logo negative

Logo vertical positive Logo vertical negative

Logo guidelines Logo monochromatic negative

Logo guidelines Logo vertical monochromatic negative

Spacing guidelines

To properly present the logo, a minimum distance between the logo and other elements must be observed. Signet and logotype always appear together.

Spacing in logos

Partner logo spacing guildelines

In combination with your own brand identity it is just allowed to use our full colored logo. As a divider use a vertical 1px line #1a1a1a colored. Make sure to keep the right distances like shown below.

The partner logo has to be vertically centered and horizontally left aligned always. The maximum size should not be longer or higher than the Dynatrace logo.

Partner logo horizontal spacings

Partner logo horizontal

Partner logo vertical spacings

Partner logo vertical

Avoid alterations

To maintain the consistency of the Dynatrace logo, it is important to use the logo as described. The examples below illustrate misuses that should be avoided.

Logo don't resize Don't resize just the logotype of the logo.

Logo don't change colors Don't manipulate the color shades of the full color signet.

Logo don't add reflections Don't add reflections to the logo.

Logo - provide contrast Don't place the logo on backgrounds that provide barely sufficient contrast.

Logo don't put on backgrounds Don't place the logo over busy photographic backgrounds.

Logo guidelines Don't make the logo a single color. Please use the monochromatic versions for this case.

Logo don't use plain text Don't create logo constructions by using just plain text.

Logo don't rotate Don't rotate the logo.

Logo don't use signet only Don't use the logo without signet.

Logo don't drop shadow Don't add drop shadows, gradients glossy effects and strokes to the Dynatrace logo.

Logo don't squish Don't deform the logo.

Logo don't put on gradients Don't place the logo on gradients.

Logo don't add letters Don't add letters by using the Dynatrace font.

Logo don't change font Don't change the color specifications with the signet or the logotype.

Logo don't resize signet Don't resize just the signet of the logo.

Logo don't use unapproved combinations Don't use unapproved logo and type lockups.

Logo don't replace type Don't attach text or logos of any kind to the signet.

Logo don't outline Don't add an outline to the logo.