Business, Development, & Operations (BizDevOps)

Dynatrace builds monitoring into your BizDevOps strategy

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Digital transformation at a glance

Redundant processes can dramatically slow down your internal procedures and workflows. The biggest challenges your organization faces in terms of digital customer experience are:

  • Data silos
  • Insufficient data quality and redundant data
  • Missing coordinated processes

The key to your business success is digital transformation. Removing internal friction by providing stewardship of internal data and processes can address each of these challenges.

Digital transformation at a glance

BizDevOps accelerates innovation

BizDevOps, also called DevOps 2.0, is an approach to software development that empowers the whole team within your IT ecosystem. Business stakeholders, developers, and operations staff are encouraged to work together so that the organization develops software optimally. From the perspective of your organization's business team, BizDevOps improves speed to market, process efficiency, and overall product quality. Development can be achieved more quickly and be more responsive to the demands of your customers&emdash;and your revenue will be maximized.

Dynatrace helps you implement a BizDevOps approach by automating tasks, problem detection, impact analysis, and deep process monitoring. BizDevOps leads to happy customers and lower costs.

Improve customer experience with user action insights, segmentation analysis, and user-behavior analytics.

Dynatrace builds consistent data sets into BizDevOps

Business view of BizDevOps


For the business view of BizDevOps Dynatrace can show a problem card with the end-user and business impact defined. You will always get immediate answers to user behavior questions and feature adoption.

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Operations view on full-stack monitoring


On the operations side, Dynatrace works with smart AI technology and automatically analyzes your problems. This gets problems solved fast and saves time and resources.

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Solve data silos, technical complexity, and bad quality


Dynatrace full-stack monitoring solves the problem of technical complexity. It breaks down the data silos that were introduced and give deep visibility across the whole application delivery pipeline.

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Solve data silos, technical complexity, and bad quality

Data and department silos are one of the main aspects that can be solved with BizDevOps. The main improvements of Dynatrace performance monitoring built into BizDevOps strategy allow automated functionality that improves overall business processes.

  • Biz: Customer centric metrics for feature adoptions and reactions of users, general user behavior and business impact analysis
  • Dev: DevOps automation for automatic problem, anomaly and root cause detection
  • Ops: Executing AI-powered and fact-based remediation actions
Improve customer experience with actional insights from segmentation and user-behavior analytics.

Different digital touchpoints

Digital customers are expecting to be able to use several devices at different locations anytime. Most users don't differ between using a website, a mobile app, a desktop app, or voice interfaces. What matters, is the result. Therefore user experience is a crucial part of any digital service, across all platforms and devices. BizDevOps allows to increase this digital customer experience easily by incorporating digital touchpoints, devices and locations.

Further information of a centric and overall view on business processes aggregated with user behavior analytics and business goals is explained in our webinars. Klaus Enzenhofer of Dynatrace explains relevant factors like driving aspects of DevOps adoption, data and department silos, an interaction between speed and quality gap, and how to build monitoring into BizDevOps strategy in his webinars about breaking silos to deliver great user experiences and the customer being the center of any digital company's universe.

Digital transformation at a glance

The importance of high performing applications

The 2016 State of DevOps Report cites that high performers are 2X more likely to exceed profitability, market share and productivity goals. This is the holy grail of how companies can truly use digital channels be more competitive.

While dev teams try to meet the speed of business, the Puppet Labs and DORA 2017 State of DevOps Report notes that when dev teams try to meet the speed-of-business changes, quality suffers. This is a DevOps hurdle for low performers who want to become high performers.

Solve data silos and reduce technical complexity with Dynatrace!

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