Web service performance testing

Web services have ushered in a new era of agility and flexibility in application development. At the same time they've made the job of quality assurance and operations teams more challenging. When an enterprise or customer-facing application is a composite of modular, distributed software services invoked over a network, it can be difficult to monitor, analyze, and manage the performance of the overall application. Web service performance testing and composite application performance monitoring require advanced tools that are up to the task. When today's top enterprises and e-commerce businesses need web service performance testing and APM solutions, they turn to the market leader in APM development and innovation: Dynatrace.

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Continuous Web Service Performance Testing and Monitoring for Enterprise Web Services

Dynatrace Data Center Real User Monitoring (DCRUM) is an on-premise performance monitoring softwaresolution that continuously monitors enterprise applications from a network traffic perspective while providing clear visibility into the business transaction and end user contexts of network activity. This application-aware network performance monitoring solution helps organizations optimize performance and increase ROI for modern enterprise application technologies, including service-oriented architectures that leverage enterprise web services.

As a web service performance testing and monitoring solution, Dynatrace DCRUM offers:

  • Support for all major web services frameworks. Automatically discover, monitor, and analyze web services that utilize SOAP, XML, RESTful HTTP, or proprietary frameworks like WebSphere MQ, Maximo, or WebLogic.
  • Business transaction intelligence. Don't just view individual web service performance in isolation – see how web service calls are aggregated into discrete business transactions, and analyze how web service performance affects business transaction performance.
  • User impact insight. See how web service performance impacts the experience of real users across your enterprise.
  • Deep-dive diagnostics. Use Dynatrace DCRUM application management softwareto capture errors, aborted and discarded transactions, and more, to reduce MTTR for web services-based enterprise applications.

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Dynatrace Data Center RUM

Synthetic Web Service Performance Testing for Enterprise or Third Party Web Services

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring is a cloud-based web application performance testing service for synthetic testing of enterprise or customer-facing applications. Powered by a global network of tens of thousands of real PCs and devices, Dynatrace's synthetic web performance testing tools empower organizations to conduct proactive web service performance testing for enterprise or third party web services:

  • Enterprise web service performance testing. Load test your enterprise web services to prepare for roll-outs of new services or applications, and regularly test services and composite applications to make sure that you're meeting SLAs for internal customers.
  • Third party web service performance testing. Test third party web services that are utilized by your customer-facing applications to see how those services impact overall application performance. Proactively monitor third party services to ensure that your service providers are meeting their SLAs. View Dynatrace's web benchmark reports to see how services compare in performance, and how your applications' performance rates against competitors' applications.


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