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Exceptional web performance drives more traffic to your site by elevating your search ranking and provides a better experience to your customers, fostering customer engagement with your online service and brand and leading to increased conversion rates. Considered by many to be just as, if not more, important than search engine optimization (SEO), web performance optimization (WPO) is now a key priority of web application developers and web-business owners, bringing together business and technical teams around the shared goal of improving the efficiency and user experience of online platforms.

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Improving web performance in development with performance tuning and testing tools

One of the easiest ways to improve web performance is through the use of front-end performance tuning and analysis tools, which range from web page profilers to open-source web analytics software. Most end user response time is spent executing code in the browser, and these tools are indispensable for finding errors and inefficiencies in your application code, helping you better adhere to web performance best practices and boost page load speed.

To validate the functionality, speed, and scalability of a web site or service before launch, many developers will employ performance testing tools for web applications. A website load test, in particular, is useful for exposing bottlenecks in the application itself or underlying infrastructure – hard-to-find web performance issues that only surface when web services are subjected to load.

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Optimizing web performance in production with synthetic transaction monitoring tools

In production environments, website performance monitoring tools can be used to further optimize web performance and the user experience. An end-to-end synthetic web transaction monitoring solution, for example, can eliminate blind spots in the application delivery chain and detect application errors, slowdowns, and outages in affiliated systems. Offering a complete view of the application architecture, including third-party APIs and services, synthetic monitoring tools help you quickly isolate and find the root cause of performance degradation and implement fixes before your users are affected.

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Ensuring optimal web performance and a superior customer experience with Dynatrace

Enable proactive performance management with Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring, a powerful synthetic transaction monitoring solution for web and mobile applications that is suitable for both pre-launch and live production environments. Dynatrace’s synthetic web monitoring software combines cloud-powered load testing tools with sophisticated web application performance monitoring capabilities, letting your teams test and tune all application components before going live—and keep a close eye on all tiers of the application architecture in deployment. Ensure optimal website performance and a superior experience for each and every user with Dynatrace.

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