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Many of today’s web applications are "mashups" of services and APIs that introduce both added functionality and possible points of failure into the application architecture. Organizations that depend on an online presence must leverage effective web monitoring software to overcome the complexities of modern web application delivery. By eliminating blind spots in the web app infrastructure, end-to-end web monitoring software makes it easier to identify and resolve bottlenecks distributed across application components and find opportunities to improve the user experience.

Synthetic web app monitoring software supplies developers and IT operations teams with the detailed web performance metrics and analytics capabilities they need to baseline and benchmark app performance and diagnose system and application issues that contribute to performance degradation.

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Using web monitoring software to develop and deliver high-quality web sites and services

Ranging from web load testing tools to real or synthetic transaction monitoring solutions, website performance monitoring tools help web-business owners stay competitive by ensuring the speed, reliability, and full functioning of their websites. A website load test, for example, is used by performance engineers to validate service scalability, establish baselines for assessing the impact of infrastructure change, and expose bottlenecks in the code or backend infrastructure.

Synthetic web monitoring software extends the capabilities of load testing, giving IT operations teams tools to continually test, monitor, and manage the health and behavior of their web applications in the wild. By enabling your teams to emulate real user transactions, synthetic web monitoring software lets you exercise and watch all layers of the application architecture—including third-party components—and proactively verify the functionality, speed, and uptime of your online platform.

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Dynatrace web monitoring software lets you launch with confidence

Our synthetic web monitoring software solution streamlines web performance management, allowing you to quickly identify and troubleshoot performance limitations anywhere in the application architecture. Equipped with intuitive dashboards and data sharing mechanisms, Dynatrace synthetic web monitoring software supports communication between performance testers, developers, and operations teams, fostering collaboration around the common goal of delivering a superior user experience. Leverage Dynatrace to achieve the following capabilities:

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