Web app testing

Web apps make it easier for companies to provide consumers feature-rich online experiences and develop lasting relationships with customers. Web app testing helps organizations ensure that these technologies are functional, stable and fully supportive of business objectives.

Today, your online presence can make or break your brand image. Poorly performing web sites and applications can hurt your reputation and give competitors the upper hand. The right web app testing or web service performance testing software will allow you to verify the performance of your sites and apps and obtain valuable insights that help you deliver reliable, responsive online services to your users.

Web app testing

The Advantages of Web App Testing

In order to keep users satisfied and engaged, companies must employ web app testing and web application monitoring tools that address end-user concerns, like speed and browser-compatibility, as well as business or technical concerns such as scalability and stability. Web app testing – the implementation of load and performance testing on web applications – can improve application efficiency, performance, and availability and mitigate business risks by letting your teams:

Web app testing

Enhancing Web App Testing with Real-User Monitoring

To ensure ongoing performance and quality of your web applications, web app testing should be complemented by a web application monitoring solution that provides insight into who your users are, the devices and browsers they use, their locations, and the experience that they’re having with your application. Pairing pre-production web app testing with user-centric monitoring of your live applications gives your organization the best chance of winning and keeping an online audience.

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Dynatrace: Your One-Stop Platform For Comprehensive Web App Testing and Monitoring

APM solutions from Dynatrace allow your teams to test and monitor not only the web application but the entire web application delivery chain from the user perspective. By seamlessly integrating a powerful synthetic monitoring tool with sophisticated real-user monitoring capabilities, our solution suite offers you a complete one-stop platform for comprehensive web application performance management:

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