Performance testing tools for web applications

Ensuring the performance of your websites has never been more important or complicated. As web application processing shifts to the browser and mobile device, and as application delivery comes to depend on various third-party services, compelling content and a great design are simply not enough to guarantee a satisfying user experience.

Organizations now must leverage performance testing tools for web applications: tools that allow them to overcome the complexities of web application delivery and monitor all components affecting web application performance in order to ensure a superior web or mobile experience to each and every user.

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Using performance testing tools for web applications throughout the application lifecycle

By leveraging performance testing tools for web applications at every stage of the application lifecycle—from pre-production to launch—your teams can continually validate the speed, stability, and scalability of your web services and optimize the performance of your web or mobile site for your particular audience.

Performance testing tools for web applications vary from free website speed tests to comprehensive web application load testing solutions. A website load test is one of the most commonly used performance testing tools for web applications. Cloud-based web load testing allows you to simulate the behavior of multiple users interacting with your website from various geographic locations, browsers, and mobile devices, letting you realistically evaluate the behavior of your web apps under anticipated load conditions.

In development, performance testing tools for web applications can be employed to find and resolve bottlenecks in your web app or underlying infrastructure and to establish baselines to understand the performance impact of changes made to the application architecture. Then, in production, similar testing tools can be used to assess the scalability, availability, and overall performance of your web apps before expected spikes in traffic or when entering new markets.

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