Continuous integration tools

Continuous integration is a software development practice in which code changes are integrated and tested regularly throughout the release cycle, rather than waiting until late in the cycle to integrate and test. Continuous integration tools are platforms, applications, and utilities that help software makers achieve continuous integration. Continuous integration tools include version-controlled source code repositories, build servers that facilitate automated unit testing and build status notifications, and – particularly in environments where continuous integration has evolved to include continuous delivery – technologies for application deployment automation.

Increasingly, leading software makers and cloud service providers are recognizing that to be complete, continuous integration must test and verify not only application functionality but also application performance. Consequently, these market leaders count among their continuous integration tools an advanced application performance monitoring (APM) solution such as Dynatrace.

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Continuous integration tools from Dynatrace

Dynatrace is the application performance monitoring solution purpose-built for Agile software development, DevOps, and continuous integration / continuous delivery environments. With its powerful REST API, Dynatrace easily integrates with other continuous integration tools and continuous delivery tools to provide application performance reporting and diagnostics throughout the application lifecycle, in support of all team members.

For developers, Dynatrace continuous integration tools work together with your desktop IDE so you can run quick unit performance tests and architectural best practice verifications before you check in your code. And with patented PurePath Technology®, Dynatrace provides you with method-level detail to help you efficiently troubleshoot any application performance issues introduced by your code – whether those issues are brought to your attention by notifications from the build server, in bugs filed by your QA team, or in tickets opened by Ops staff. Dynatrace also provides powerful, automated support for Agile modeling of even the most complex multi-tier applications.

For testers, Dynatrace PurePath data makes it easy for you to provide Dev with all the contextual data they need when you report a defect, so your bugs don’t get marked as "Can’t Reproduce" or "Works For Me". Dynatrace continuous integration tools also support frequent, incremental load testing, so there are no surprises when you conduct full-scale load testing before launch.

For operations engineers, Dynatrace delivers 24/7 visibility into application performance across all application tiers including cloud and third party services as well as on-premise web server tiers, REST services, and back-end databases – together with deep-dive diagnostics that support fast troubleshooting and minimize MTTR.

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With Dynatrace continuous integration tools you can:

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