Continuous delivery tools

Continuous delivery is a software engineering model that favors incremental, quality-controlled development that allows for the possibility of the application being deployed into production at any time. Often associated with the Agile software development model, continuous delivery requires supportive attitudes and practices among development, QA, and operations teams, as well as supportive technologies in the form of continuous delivery tools. Continuous delivery tools automate the application delivery pipeline from code check-in through to production deployment, serving to make application delivery faster, easier, more consistent, and more reliable.

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Continuous delivery tools examples

Examples of commonly used continuous delivery tools include:

Continuous delivery tools to ensure that applications meet performance objectives

Basic continuous integration tools and continuous delivery tools build quality checks into the application delivery pipeline to ensure that application features function as expected. But alone, the basic tools miss a key success factor for modern web and mobile applications: performance.

To build performance checks into the application delivery pipeline – so that applications released to production not only "work" but also meet objectives for availability, throughput, latency, scalability, and other performance attributes – leading web and mobile application makers are utilizing Dynatrace Application Monitoring. Dynatrace is designed to easily integrate into every phase of your application delivery pipeline. From developers’ desktops, to automated builds and unit testing, to acceptance and load testing, through to deployment and live operation, at every stage Dynatrace shows exactly how your application is performing and makes it fast and easy to pinpoint the root cause of under-performance or regressions.

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