Web application performance monitoring

Web application performance monitoring tools enable application owners and IT operations teams to continually collect and analyze data on key performance metrics and quantitatively assess the health and behavior of their applications and infrastructure. Using performance testing tools for web applications in pre-production environments is essential for creating fast, responsive websites—but inadequate for ensuring consistent web application performance and a satisfying user experience in the wild.

Dependent on internal and external APIs and services and reached from a variety of devices and locations, modern web application delivery is complicated. Managing performance in production requires the use of web application performance monitoring tools that eliminate blind spots in the application delivery chain and help you find opportunities to implement meaningful performance improvements.

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The power of web application performance monitoring

There are two main types of web application performance monitoring: synthetic monitoring and user monitoring. The first type of monitoring is typically carried out when a new or updated application is released, before expected spikes in traffic, and whenever proactive web application performance monitoring is deemed necessary. Synthetic web application performance monitoring solutions allow you to simulate multi-step user interactions with your application and evaluate the performance and availability of all components and services involved in processing those transactions.

User monitoring solutions, on the other hand, give you a real-time view of actual user behavior and information about the context of your users, letting you respond to and resolve customer complaints quickly and understand the impact on application performance of user devices, browsers, and locations.

Both types of web application performance monitoring can be used to detect and troubleshoot front-end and back-end performance issues (and in SharePoint environments, both types are valuable as SharePoint monitoring tools). Together they allow you to determine whether the source of performance degradation is in the browser, your code, a third-party service, or elsewhere. By giving you a holistic view of the application architecture and enabling you to pinpoint the root cause of problems, web application performance monitoring accelerates MTTR, helping you deliver faster, more dependable applications to your users.

An integrated performance monitoring platform for web, mobile, cloud and enterprise applications

Dynatrace is leading a new generation of APM tools capable of handling the complexities of distributed applications spanning the web, the cloud, and the enterprise data center. Providing a wealth of capabilities ranging from mobile app monitoring to enterprise application management, Dynatrace is an all-in-one APM platform that lets you monitor and manage your entire portfolio of business-critical applications.

Whether it's a web application performance monitoring, SharePoint monitoring, or SAP monitoring solution you need, we have you covered. Our User Experience Management and Data Center Real User Monitoring toolkits give you unparalleled visibility into the user experience and delivery environment of your applications, empowering your teams to detect UX pain points, isolate and resolve performance bottlenecks, and ensure positive experiences for your users.

Learn more about Dynatrace User Experience Management.

Learn more about Dynatrace Data Center RUM.

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