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Modern web applications are easy to use but a challenge to develop and operate. Today’s web-oriented businesses are now turning to web application monitoring tools to overcome the complexities of web application delivery and better utilize online applications to achieve their business goals.

Proactive performance management is made possible with the use of intelligent web application monitoring tools, ranging from synthetic software monitoring solutions for pre-production testing purposes to real-time application monitoring tools that track end-user behavior and the performance of applications in the wild. The right set of web application monitoring tools can provide your company with the capabilities and information you need to improve your web application’s performance, learn more about your user base, and deliver a positive online experience to each and every customer.

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Taking a Proactive Approach to Performance Management with Web Application monitoring tools

Transaction failures and slow response times lead to user frustration and abandonment, a tarnished brand reputation, and revenue loss. Web application monitoring tools allow companies to assess the functionality, speed, and other performance aspects of their web apps, resolve issues before users are affected, and proactively mitigate such risks. A high-powered web application performance testing and monitoring solution enables your teams to test your web apps on different platforms and browsers and evaluate the performance of your applications and backend infrastructure as well as third-party services like CDNs and ad providers.

Organizations that incorporate Dynatrace’s application performance management tools into the lifecycle of their web applications realize increased web app availability, faster MTTR, and significant improvements in online user satisfaction.

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A Superior Web Application Monitoring Solution from Dynatrace

Our industry-leading APM monitoring suite, which brings together synthetic testing and real-user web application monitoring tools, offers IT professionals the end-to-end visibility, granular data, and analytics necessary for managing web application performance.

Employ Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring and Application Monitoring and ensure that your users—no matter where, when or how they access your site—experience your applications the way you intended:

For deep insight into user behavior and experience, Dynatrace User Experience Management lets you monitor each and every user click through your web application. Find out when and which users experience trouble, enabling lightning-fast complaint resolution and exceptional user support.

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Rounding out Dynatrace’s suite of application performance management solutions, Dynatrace Data Center Real User Monitoring (DCRUM) offers application-aware data center monitoring capabilities to help maximize workforce productivity and ROI on enterprise applications.

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