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Whether you’re deploying an internal app for employees or a dynamic website for your customers, users depend on your web application to get things done. Poor app performance and transaction failures lead to user frustration, decreased productivity, and revenue loss. Web app monitoring tools can help you mitigate these risks and ensure the success of your online offering.

Dynatrace web monitoring software gives you superior end-to-end visibility into the health of your web applications—from the client-side browser to your backend databases—allowing you to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your web sites and services. Web app monitoring enables proactive web application performance management by letting you:

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Improving and ensuring the performance of your online service with web app monitoring

Web app monitoring solutions offer valuable insight into the front- and back-end performance of your web sites and applications. One of the major factors impacting web app performance and the user experience is poorly optimized code. Synthetic web app monitoring software and performance testing tools for web applications are indispensable for implementing rigorous quality control in application development. A web application load testing tool can expose inefficiencies in your application’s code or bottlenecks in the supporting infrastructure—seemingly minor problems that can snowball into serious performance degradation with every build.

Another major factor affecting web app performance is third-party component dependency. Today’s web applications rely on third-party APIs and services, and a slowdown or shutdown of any one component can have a debilitating effect on site performance. The right web app monitoring solution helps you keep an eye on the entire application architecture, detecting outages and errors and providing you with the data you need to understand the impact of third-party services on your app’s performance and the user experience.

Deploy confidently with our end-to-end web app monitoring solution

Offering you a powerful web app monitoring toolset and a 360° view of the web application delivery chain, Dynatrace makes it easy to test, monitor, and fine tune the performance of your web service—in development and production environments. With our web app monitoring solution, your teams can implement:

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