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JavaScript is widely used in web applications that execute critical transactions in many industries. Any loss or reduction in performance in these applications can result in lost revenue and dissatisfied customers. To ensure that JavaScript applications perform up to par with specifications, JavaScript performance monitoring is an essential task for many of today’s IT teams.

To monitor JavaScript performance accurately, tools purpose-built for JavaScript performance monitoring must be used. These tools can be used in combination with database performance monitoring tools to capture additional performance metrics for JavaScript applications that access databases. For example, MySQL profiling tools can be used to monitor MySQL resource consumption. However, to obtain comprehensive performance metrics for a complete picture of a JavaScript application’s performance, end-to-end performance monitoring of application transactions must be carried out. Monitored metrics can then be examined by an application performance analyzer for accurate insights into performance issues.

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Capture every transaction end-to-end with Dynatrace’s JavaScript performance monitoring

End-to-end application transaction monitoring involves monitoring all dependencies in an application. This includes all components, services, hosts, servers, databases, containers, cloud services, and virtual machines that participate in an application transaction. Dynatrace, the leader in digital performance monitoring, provides capabilities to monitor all these elements through one unified solution. For example, Dynatrace supports JavaScript performance monitoring for V8 JavaScript engines in Node.js and while also providing integrated database monitoring tools to monitor common databases like Oracle and MySQL.

To enable continuous end-to-end monitoring of application transactions, Dynatrace utilizes its innovative PurePath Technology®. PurePath captures timing and code-level context across all application tiers leaving no blind spots or gaps and allows you to monitor the response times of JavaScript engines and their resource consumption. Dynatrace’s JavaScript performance monitoring capabilities support popular JavaScript environments like Node.js.

With Dynatrace, you can integrate JavaScript performance monitoring into continuous integration and delivery processes allowing you to capture performance metrics in your JavaScript and Java development tools. By spotlighting performance or scalability problems early in the application lifecycle Dynatrace enables you to develop higher performing code in a shorter amount of time.

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Find root causes automatically with Dynatrace’s JavaScript performance monitoring

Using Dynatrace for JavaScript performance monitoring, root cause analysis of JavaScript performance problems is straightforward and efficient. Dynatrace utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms in its application analytics tools to detect performance anomalies and identify their root causes. Performance problems are detected and analyzed in real-time for every dependency in your application stack across all tiers, not just in your JavaScript environment. Dynatrace pinpoints the root cause of each problem down to a granular level and notifies you of each root cause with an alert. This way, you can focus your resources on fixing problems instead of trying to find them.

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