Web technologies

All channels, all devices, one solution

Real user monitoring

Whether you need a big data overview or detailled information about each customer's digital journey, Dynatrace gives it to you in real-time.

  • Monitor real user experience
  • Problem resolution

Synthetic monitoring

Web application availability is crucial and can be monitored by Dynatrace easily - 24/7!

  • Simulate customer journeys
  • Competitive benchmarking

Mobile monitoring

It doesn't matter what devices your customers are using. Dynatrace combines the user stories to one single, omni-channel customer journy.

  • Mobile application performance management
  • Crash analytics

Supported web technologies

Web performance optimization


“Instead of using separate tools for web monitoring, application performance management and server monitoring we now have a single all-in-one solution, Dynatrace.”


“As an online retailer, website and mobile performance is critical to us because it directly correlates with the customer experience and revenue generation. That’s why we rely on Dynatrace.”

Improve user experience and optimize your web apps with Dynatrace!

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