Successful digital transformation requires speed and customer satisfaction

As digital technology changes the financial services industry, businesses must balance complexity with the customers need for speed and availability. Dynatrace is the go-to solution for financial organizations digital performance.

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Monitoring is more important than ever

Digital is disrupting banking and insurance industries worldwide. Financial service organizations are under pressure to increase functionality and customer service - at the same time.

To succeed, financial institutions need to master three important disciplines to stay competitive:

Dynatrace offers digital performance monitoring for business stakeholders, operations, and development.

PSD2 is coming, are you ready?

PSD2 comes into force on January 13, 2018 and is expected to completely change the banking industry in the EU. How does this impact banks? How will it work? How can banks compete? Dynatrace has you covered through this digital transformation. Check out our infographic and blog to learn more on how Dynatrace can ensure you innovate faster while safeguarding the customer experience.


Digital transformation means customer experience

For financial services, the definition of digital transformation is leveraging technologies and improving the customer experience. This means customer experience is at the center of thinking. Dynatrace digital experience monitoring provides full insight across all channels important to financial organizations with the ability to monitor, analyze and optimize customer experience with an enhanced 360 degree view.

Full stack monitoring

Full transactional view - business, real-user, applications, network, infrastructure, cloud.

Dynatrace supports key financial service applications being used by companies

Customer experience is top priority at Raymond James

Dynatrace lets you see your customers’ journey through their eyes, so you can deliver the best possible experience. Learn how Raymond James relies on Dynatrace for insight into site performance as well as how performance is impacting end users.

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Jeff Palmiero, APM Manager at Raymond James explains how they are optimizing digital customer experience with Dynatrace.

Monitoring redefined

Many financial services companies are adopting “cloud-first” initiatives. Powered by artificial intelligence, Dynatrace is built for dynamic environments and provides full stack monitoring:

Dynatrace simplifies the monitoring process with an easy-to-use solution that provides full operational insights out-of-the-box. For more information on how Dynatrace artificial intelligence redefines monitoring, click here.

Dynatrace dashboard views show web application performance metrics in customizable tiles.

Dynatrace competitive differentiation for proven ROI

Digital transformation equals ROI for Westpac New Zealand

Learn how Westpac New Zealand underwent their digital transformation with Dynatrace and in just 18 months, saw a 2x increase in ROI for every IT dollar spent.

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Richard Jarrett, Head of IT Foundation & Frontline Experience from Westpac New Zealand on their digital transformation experience.

Dynatrace unified offering

Business insights

Business and performance analytics

Get visibility into all business-critical transactions, including orders, downloads, and searches. Dynatrace provides full insights into how your application performance influences your digital business. Learn more

User experience

Digital experience management

Dynatrace provides end-to-end visibility into every digital interaction, delivering meaningful and actionable customer insights to all stakeholders. Learn more

Application performance

Application monitoring and performance lifecycle management

Dynatrace proactively detects and diagnoses application problems in your production environment before they impact your customers. During pre-production, Dynatrace provides all the metrics you need to deliver higher quality within shorter development cycles. Learn more

Cloud, container, and infrastructure monitoring

Cloud, container, and infrastructure monitoring

Dynatrace monitors your entire stack, from data centers to private, public, and hybrid clouds. Whether you run on AWS, Azure, Cloud Foundry, or OpenStack, Dynatrace keeps up with your environment automatically. Learn more

Digital transformation should not be siloed. Hear from some leading IT and technology executives across the insurance industry on what’s driving their digital transformation agenda. Click here for more info.

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